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Monday, January 9, 2012
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Welcome to the Future of Radio

My job is to relay your options.

As of this week I will have been reporting how the internet affects the radio industry for 15 years! That all of this "reporting" has occurred online makes me a really old man in internet time.
"To a large degree there's been small change in radio." was launched January 15, 1997 (the company, in June 1991). My systematic exposure to concepts that I could never imagine began with the internet.

Who knew then that online radio would become as big as it has in only a decade? Truthfully, I did. Which is why I've drawn the ire of many in the radio industry, constantly reminding them that technology was theirs to be had, pounding away with a single message - radio needs to change, to adapt.

To a large degree there's been small change in radio. Major groups are only now beginning a course that should have occurred a dozen years ago. Though late, for this I am grateful because radio remains the love of my life.

I could write many paragraphs on what still needs to happen within the radio industry, but today my sole purpose is to expose the future of radio to you. And, all I really need for this is what's technically called a "link."

Before giving this link to you, though, let me share words that I recently wrote to a major radio executive. It is the essence of a theory I've held for a few years. My premise is that it's time for the radio industry to do away with those bloated, unappealing items called web sites.

Here is the quote: [I would] "Dismantle the current use of web sites. Having each station support its own, beyond a single page, is fiscally demanding. Communications between station and audience can be made through social media, which also simplifies content maintenance. Limiting a station's web site to a single page lets the station offer sales of online ads. The page can also be used to support a stream, if desired."

You want to know what's in store for the radio industry now? Ladies and gentlemen, you have the ability to view (and hear) it at Kenny Chesney's station, "No Shoes Radio." With its breathtaking simplicity, extremely efficient and effective design, this is exactly what's required from stations wanting to build an online audience.

Welcome to the future of radio. Welcome to "No Shoes Radio."

Footnote: Make sure your speakers are turned on. No Shoes Radio doesn't require a visitor to go through the extra step of clicking a "Listen" link. It wisely uses technology to automatically start the audio as you enter.

...And, NSR is programming not heard on a typical radio station!

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