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Friday, January 13, 2012
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Let's Talk About What's Really Important

It's happened the past couple of years, where we've seen radio industry trades reporting on the Consumer Electronics Show. Though, this year it seems that just a bit more importance is being placed on CES by radio.

My guess is that we've reached a threshold where the threat of new media is knocking much harder on the door, and the whole of the radio industry has now realized just how far behind "new" it has become. People are scared. It didn't have to be this way.

"...let me turn your attention to something that I consider even more important than CES for you, personally - and pray that it's taken seriously." This is a comment I made, here, a while ago. It was at a time when nobody - let me rephrase that - NOBODY in radio was even glancing at CES. It came under the headline "You Need to Know About CES 2001."

It's the Consumer Electronics Show held in Las Vegas and it has everything that is, or soon will be. Bill Gates is giving the keynote address - every company that can show you how to make use of the Internet will be there. This is not about becoming a nerd. But what you'll learn following CES will give you more to work with than any radio industry conference on how to use the web. I'll be giving a few talks [at CES] on radio and the Internet, about bringing the ad agencies onboard your web site and creating content that's relative.

I said this in another report filed that same year: "For those in radio ad sales there is enough in the 'new' arena to have you start questioning the value of your product a year from now."

And, in my final report came these words: "Having given a dozen talks, I learned something about how retail buyers perceive radio." I've been trying to relay that negative message ever since.

Now that CES is being recognized by radio industry trades, and I moved on because no one in the industry seemed to be interested during the years AG was talking about how important this type of knowledge was to radio's future, let me turn your attention to something that I now consider even more important than CES for you, personally - and pray that it's taken seriously.

This is going to require 9 minutes. I urge that you sit through all of it to digest the message.

This video's importance depends on you understanding exactly what is being said - it explains how the internet functions today.

The title is "What FACEBOOK and GOOGLE are Hiding from world." If I may change that just a smudge to reflect my interpretation it would read "How FACEBOOK and GOOGLE - and many other web sites - Have Changed the World."

What's explained is how being online is becoming an isolationist action, through no fault of your own.

Fact is, whether you are in the radio industry or not, what this video shows is how we've lost control of our online options in a dangerous way.

Beware Online Filter Bubbles.

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