Short Songs Tell Stories Too!

Do fans listen because of the melody or lyrics? Ask that question at Google (within quotes). Over 9.5 million returns are listed.

All angles are considered correct by one-or-another. Whatever you think is also correct.

There. Solved another problem. Next?

Is song length important? We turn on the opinion switch here. From an assortment of data, I believe I don't know.

The chart is of Time Spent Listening to a variety of online music sources, including Pandora.

While the numbers of people listening to Pandora is up 141.8% from October 2012 through October 2014 (using Mon-Fri Average Active Sessions), Time Spent Listening is down 7.1% (38.4 minutes to 35.4 minutes). This is an across-the-board downward trend on audio sites from data I work with, and as reported by other researchers.

Consider your attention span. This article has now reached 85 words, 503 characters. More than three times Twitter's allowed number. It's accepted that - on average - attention spans are shrinking. I'm of the mind that this means we need to shorten song length.

Short songs work. Fewer words used.

Lyrics are a meal. The more you serve the more the audience must digest.

Great writing comes from good erasing.

A good short song gets replayed.

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