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AG News: 2/20/2006

Radio Industry Showing Signs Of Doubt About HD

The doubts about whether HD Radio is going to be successful have risen from many people over the last six months, but none of them were sitting in the headquarters of the large radio groups. We now have confirmation that questions about HD's potential are starting to penetrate the radio industry's ivory towers.

In the article linked below about this year's Country Radio Seminar in Nashville, a few sentences towards the end show that two radio group heads have doubt:
"I'm probably not as excited about HD radio as others have been," said
Judy Ellis, chief operating officer for Citadel Broadcasting. "I fear that
HD is more for Wall Street than for consumers."
"Joel Hollander, chairman and CEO of CBS Radio, said HD radio faced
an uphill battle. He indicated that he and others had discussions with
electronics makers and automobile companies in Detroit about moving
forward on HD receivers but could not see any significant progress
happening for at least three to seven years."

This could be the biggest news of the year in the radio industry. It shows that radio's dependence on trying to match technology with technology has been the smoke and mirrors critics have charged, and the industry must now start placing more value on the quality of programming if it wants to stay relevant.

From: Tim W.

Thats not just a crack......focus on the content not the device please
give the consumer some credit. They do think.

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