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Thursday, February 20, 2014

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So, You Want to Get Noticed?

The following is written not be be negative, but to force each reader to assess their position through a realistic lens. Call it my "no hype zone."

Exactly what is it that you deliver to the consumer which they cannot find elsewhere? That's a question every person who considers themselves "creative" should ask.

Long gone was a time when competition was limited by geographics - a person could find only 20 other radio stations or 15 good bands within driving distance.
"Getting noticed is not as easy as it once was. Fighting for your audience has become much, much more difficult - and, to an extent, far more technically oriented."

If there's one item the internet has brought, it is an exponential growth in competition - and it doesn't matter whether you are involved in the radio industry or a band.

Want to find good music from indie artists? I won't go through the motion of listing the thousands of options online. Need to know what's happening locally? It's embarrassing if you must be told there's nothing your radio station can put on the air that can't be found online within a few seconds.

So let's return to the main question: "Exactly what is it that you are delivering to the consumer which cannot be found elsewhere?"

I hear from indie artists who often tell me that their music is going to "knock 'em dead." Yet, I'm still alive. We hear radio stations, online and off, quip how they broadcast or stream "compelling programming." Only, as has been asserted here many times, content creators are not the ones who define "compelling."

Imagine how your eyes would roll if I boasted that what's found at Audio Graphics is "compelling." It's the thousands of people who read what's here - then return another day to see what's been added - that think our content is compelling.

We all want to be noticed. It defines success when the numbers noticing you grow large. Online, though, "large" is relative.

You must consider that your competition is not limited to other bands of your status, or radio stations with the same expenses; online competition comes from everywhere, from all size companies and degrees of talent.

The radio station that believes it's only competitor is a similarly-sized station has a management of fools.

Bands that think its competition is limited to other local bands, of equal talent, are being led by ignorance.

Most important, any of the above who think they can become a sensational draw within a short time will fold in a shorter time.

Getting noticed is not as easy as it once was. Fighting for your audience has become much, much more difficult - and, to an extent, far more technically oriented.

Those who survive offer that which cannot be found elsewhere. And, because of the internet, creating that difference is growing more difficult every day.

Today's indie introduction is to...
Rock artists, Sonic Bliss
sample song
Shot Down
(Bad Romance)

Download Song


When an artist has the power to please they should be given a chance to be heard.

Give Sonic Bliss's "Shot Down (Bad Romance)" a listen.

Add it to your playlist, free!

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