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Thursday, March 1, 2012
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Online Radio Sessions Grow

Triton Digital released its "January 2012 Internet Audio Top 20 Rankers." Download an Audio Graphics-prepared copy that's complete with charts here. The AG version goes into much greater detail than the official release (posted here). I give the radio industry a variety of charts outlining each major player's movement.

Because there are a number of large webcasters that do not subscribe to Triton Digital, it's important to keep in mind that this listing gives only a partial view of the online radio industry. But it does show important trends; for example, there appears an increase in the amount of weekend listening to radio online - a 4.4% rise between December 2011 and January 2012.
"I do the breakout for you, and show how the radio industry is doing online in more detail than is available from any other source." Most surprising is the showing of weekend listening to Pandora - a 20% spike in one month. Clear Channel shows an 11% drop in that same stat. CBS went from having 24.2% of its total online listening done on weekends to 21.1%.

Slacker is another player with a major jump in weekend listening, from 35.1% to 53.4% of its "session starts" occurring on the weekend.

Another metric not covered in radio industry trades is the amount of US-based listening. Many radio groups limit the amount of international audience, but there are substantial numbers of audience for most pure plays.

A quick scan down this list tells the story.

I'll let the charts do the talking from here.

Click here to download your Audio Graphics breakout.

Here are your "Average Active Session" graphs, from Triton Digital "Top 20 Rankers."

Go here to download your free Audio Graphics analysis of the Triton Digital "January 2012" Internet Audio Top 20 Rankers."

Return to each time there is a new "Internet Audio Top 20 Rankers" released from Triton Digital. I do the breakout for you, and show how the radio industry is doing online in more detail than is available from any other source.

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