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Friday, March 16, 2012
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Great New Pop Music from Indie Artists

For all Pop radio stations, these artists are available to use in your online playlist - free!

Sample more of the latest indie Pop artists from RRadio Music:

"Broken Promises"

sample song

Download Song

Black & White Group:
"Satin Blue"

sample song

Download Song

Ron Gallucci:
"Something About You"

sample song

Download Song

Norine Braun:

sample song

Download Song

Adero Neely:
"My Lovely Breakup Note"

sample song

Download Song

Free "Intro to Indie Artists" Program

Find many more new pop artists at RRadio Music.

Or, schedule an "Intro to Indie Artists" Pop Program!

The most respected, independently-produced indie artist programs - FREE.
53 stations have requested 156 "Intro to Indie" programs."

"The quality of your Indie artists far surpass those of Music Submit." - Scott Schlafman,

87 stations play "Intro to Indie Artists" - Pop.
Programs are in 5, 3, and 2 song lengths.

Order programs here.)

All artists sign waivers, giving you permission to play their music for free.

"Intro to Indie Artists has made an excellent addition to our line-up..."
                   Alison - Director Of Programming; Dekadance Radio

"Intro to Indie artists really adds to the variety we pride ourselves on."
                  Franklyn - Aaron Broadcasting

"It's been really easy to join in with this and it really helps with airplay!"
                  Katie Owen - RRadio Music Pop Artist

Click to Sample Programs

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