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Wednesday, April 6, 2011
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Infinite Dial Report Worth Your Time

I missed "The Infinite Dial 2011: Navigating Digital Platforms" presentation yesterday. It's become a radio industry standard for data about online and media consumption. That I missed it means nothing, though. I leaned back and viewed the complete report this morning. (Links Below)

If you are a manager in the radio industry, drop by at your convenience. Watch as Arbitron's Bill Rose and Tom Webster, from Edison Media Research, step you through a well-organized discussion on consumer media moves. See broadcaster options and hurdles.

"This isn't about whether you have to get involved anymore, but how quickly you get yourself up to speed." It's more important that you watch the Arbitron/Edison Media Research video than spend time here, so let me just throw out a short set of related stats to help place one aspect of the study in perspective - mobile.

I often say that Audio Graphics' RadioRow is our data mine. Going over the user stats at this radio station portal, 4.6% of all visitors access RadioRow using a mobile device last month. Six months ago it was 3.9%.

This chart reflects the increased number of RadioRow visitors who use a mobile device. As pointed to previously, the most "mobile" visitors happen upon this web site on Saturdays and Sundays.

In graphing the growth of mobile devices to access RadioRow since January 1, 2010, you end up with an uptick like this.

Look at it as a percentage increase of visits for each day of the week, between 2010 and trending in 2011, and the graph shows above 50% increase each day.

"The Infinite Dial 2011: Navigating Digital Platforms" goes beyond mobile to update you on where the world of new media stands.

What I offered above is a nudge to say smartphones, iPads, and a host of other internet-based delivery systems are on the horizon - and the radio industry only has a few more years to respond.

A good place to start gathering data to convince yourself, or boss, that your radio station cannot sit on the sidelines any longer is found in what Tom Webster and Bill Rose have put together.

This isn't about whether you have to get involved anymore, but how quickly you get yourself up to speed. (As an aside: HD Radio was given approximately 45 seconds of talk in this presentation, and nothing was said to induce a longer discussion.)

Just the fact that you have the ability to view this report on-demand is an indication that there's utility in new media which is making everyone's life more efficient. Download the presentation at Edison Media Reserach or Arbitron. See how radio fits in the new world order.

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