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Friday, April 6, 2012
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The Most Important Radio Industry Interview

I've been writing about how the internet affects the radio industry for 15 years. While I'm quick to report when radio lacks movement, foresight, or its trade publications do not give the whole story, I pride myself on giving credit when it's due.

Today, Radio Ink published THE most important interview - audio or written - that I have been exposed to.

Here is something that, if you have anything to do with the radio industry, you need to spend time with.

This audio interview titled "New Jersey Car Dealer Says Pandora Works And I Can Track Results" will be your "Wow" moment for 2012, guaranteed!

Radio Ink Editor Ed Ryan conducts this discussion with a business man who has been a faithful radio advertiser, and who explains why he signed a one year commitment to Pandora. This is a factual, "here's my reasoning" talk. There are no excuses, blame, or contrived excitement on using new media. It's simply a business person giving business reasons why his world of radio now includes Pandora.

As I've pointed to dozens of times, the accountability issue is a major factor in why advertising dollars are moving to new media. If you are not convinced that this theory holds water after listening to what Radio Ink has provided, there's no chance you'll ever see the competitive state ahead for the radio industry in advertising sales.

The audio interview is here. The Radio Ink page is here.

Fail to visit either and you'll miss out on the most important interview ever produced for radio sales execs and managers.

IMO this is much more important than any presentation at a radio industry convention. Send a note of gratitude to Ed Ryan and Radio Ink for making it available.

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