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AG News: 4/21/2006

David Lee Roth Brings Radio to New Low

David Lee Roth has done irreparable harm to morning radio and his reputation as a professional entertainer.

With reports that DLR is to be replaced by Opie & Anthony, his actions on air are anything but classy. "Whiney" might be a better adjective to describe David Lee Roth's program this morning. From 6:15am - 7:15am it resembled unconnected comments with a soured "poor me" underpinning. Then music started to come from the speakers, which kind of kills the "Free FM" talk radio image.

Will Joel Hollander or Les Moonves ever be held accountable for this weakest moment in radio's history? Will David Lee Roth ever recover from this classic example of bad? Does anybody care?

From: Ryan R.

David Lee Roth's show was greatly entertaining and intelligent. I will miss
it very much and hope that other local radio stations will seize the opportunity
to pick him up. It was so great getting up in the morning and knowing he was
on the radio, as his witty infectious optimism was, as he says, like a lightning
bolt in my Cheerios.
I agree with one of the other posters here who said O&A (and similar "talent")
are for the dim. (They are jokes compared to Roth). One must have intelligence
to listen to Roth and appreciate him. The man is a national treasure and is
tremendously misunderstood.
It takes time for a show to grow its audience and his show was stopped far,
far too early. I await his return!

From: Dave

I have to admit that when I first heard Roth on the radio, I wasn't
very impressed. But then it grew on me. I realized that he was a very
intelligent man who is armed with quick wits.
I got to speak with Roth on his show one morning and I have to say that
he was a great listener and made points based on the information I was
giving him.
I agree that I think the execs are to blame here. I mean, Stern
brought a new wave of show to the airwaves when he started and fought
to keep it that way. Now, when Roth tries to do something different,
they all wanted him to be like Stern.
And to replace him with Opie and Anthony (I used to listen to them
when they were based in Boston). We are going from a show that once
had very interesting and stimulating conversations (Roth) to a show
that is designed to appease the dim (Opie and Anthony).
My hope is that someone will realize that Roth has something with
this radio thing and pick him up locally. Afterall, Opie and Anthony
were fired by FreeFM and now appear to be on their way back on...
Publisher's Note: Maybe I'm missing it, but I am not aware of anyone
who wanted David Lee Roth to "be like Stern."

From: Steve

I thought David Lee Roth's show was very entertaining. The execs at
CBS radio are to blame for not allowing him to succeed. The original
format was fun to listen to. There's a reason Stern left and we're
seeing it.

From: Donna

I thoroughly enjoyed listening to david lee roth's radio show during
the 6:00-10:00a.m. time slot. I am truly going to miss him tremendously!
He sure made the drive to work and the time @ the office go by so much
more quickly and bearable.
It's quite sad that there are so many close-minded individuals who
will not give a unique individual a chance to thrive; people are so
quick to criticize and berate for just being different. He should
definitely be applauded for attempting to bring something 'real'
to the airwaves.
It is my hope, along w/family and friends, that another radio
station picks him up because he definitely belongs on the air!!
Love ya Dave.

From: Alexis

I can not BELIEVE how many people are writing comments of support for
DLR. He was HORRIBLE on the radio. He thought the job was going to be
a piece of cake. For him it was. His shows were lame and the audiance
could tell he did very little to prepare for a show. If he didn't know
how to finish a topic he would put that creepy music. Bye Bye Dave!
The eighties are over ans so are you!

From: Mike M.

DLR was painful to listen to. I never knew who his cohosts or interviewees
were, because he never shut up long enough for anyone to get a word in.
What an egomaniac this guy was. He had a hit song 20 some years ago, and
retains diva-like behavior. now he can go back to entertaining his biggest
fan, himself.

From: Brian

I enjoyed listening to Dave. His personality is very entertaining,
which is why I listen to radio. Whoever claims him as "all time low
in Radio" has poor taste.

From: WM

WILL DLR Survive this latest Temper Tandrem?
Possibly, but it is not helping his Status-Persona !
The other embarrasing moment for DLR was he joined ex-bandmates
@ the MTV awards presentation, a few years back.
DLR hogged the spotlight and pissed off Eddie Van Halen soooo much,
that Eddie pulled the plug on the reunion.
Diamond Dave is distancing himself from any new spotlight by making
an ass of himself, and further enhancing his opportunity to do a
Finality Tour of Ramada's across North America ala Spinal Tap !

From: amd

Roth's show got a bum rap. Was it perfect? No. Then again, was Stern
"perfect" in the first three months of his career?
Roth would have found his feet with time. I hope he seeks out work on
satellite. if he does, I will definitely consider subscribing.

From: Jessic

I think Dave is funny, witty and very informatively interesting. At first
I wasn't sure if I liked his style, he seemed maybe too excited, but then
I started following it and it's great stuff. It's different and refreshing
to hear his experiences and stories. All the other Philly talk shows are
just corney!

From: Jim F.

Dave kicked butt! and brought some much needed class to the show.
I guess that today's radio hosts only appeal to the mindless types.
If that is the garbage they wanted, then they should have told him.
He could have done that garbage better than Stern!

From: Jo L.

Well it seems as though smut wins over intelligence and integrity.
I never was a Howard/Robin fan. I think Howard degraded women every
chance he got & was allowed to on air. Mocking everything and everyone
thinking that it was okay to do so. He could dish but couldn't take it.
Makes me laugh to think that the "shock jock" has 3 daughters of his own
to worry about. Meaning that they could meet someone like HIM!
* LAUGHTER * Wouldn't that be "just desserts " :)
Opie and Anthony never held my attention either.
I liked when Danny Bonaduce was a DJ in NY! Sure, he has his problems
and demons but don't most people. But like DLR he was funny and
entertaining. The only nice words I can say about Howard is when the
planes struck the World Trade Center on that fateful day in history :(
he did stay on the air... the ONLY commendable thing I can say about
the man. He kept some semblance of peace when everyone was terrified
and scared of what might happen next.
I guess TPTB ( The Powers that Be ) will not take David back....
shame too...because NY can use someone uplifting that can do a show
without talking about a woman's prviate parts AND his own " PRIVATE PARTS"
......... ahhhhhh to the good old days of radio!
PS: So happy that Howard has lost a big number of his listeners since
switiching over on the radio. Hopefully, with any luck, he will lose
them ALL :) Ha !

From: Steve

David Lee Roth was great with V.H. After that his mouth got in the way.

From: Ricky D.

I was a long time listener of howard stern but decided not to pay to hear
him. We in this area did not get to hear the DLR radio program. I can tell
you that if it was in our market, I would have listened. Tell me how many
years and radio stations were Howard Stern thrown out of befor finally
finding an audiance. DLR was not given a chance to to build an audiance.
Les Moonvess should retire and maybe radio and television can be more
creative. DLR should hold his head high and know that he is alot better off
without les moonvess, what an idiot. Thanks Les for another failure.

From: Jordan

I'm a HUGE fan of Roth - I see him at every show, made his Autobiography
my bible, own all his albums, and rave about him so much my girlfriend
assumes I'm 'gay for Dave'. HOWEVER - His radio show (save for a few
exceptions) was UNlistenable (a surprise because his week-long stint as a
guest DJ here in Boston in Mar '05 was OUTSTANDING and very entertaining.)
Dave is notoriously difficult to work with and likes things 'his way', but I am
sad to say he has no place in such a high-profile gig, let alone a radio career.
I hope he goes back on tour and sticks to music instead.

From: Kristen

I feel as though I must represent the other 98% of the population as to say:
"finally he's took long enough!"

From: Tony

CBS NEVER gave Dave a chance . .especially after GUARENTEEING
him 3 years. Two months is impossible for anyone to establish a fan base
and new show. I listen to stern and subscribe to sirius but Dave's
show was good and gaining ground.
Funny how the same people who fired O&A for their on air sex debacle in
St. Patrick's cathedral are so desparate they are hiring them back.
I give them less than two months after all the pressure they will receive
from the FCC and the religious right. CBS should be ashamed and Monves fired.
Dave deserved better.

From: Brady

The David Lee Roth Show was informative, articulate and extremely
entertaining. Unfortunately it seems people like you are in charge of
the airwaves and will be putting overused bathroom "humor" back on
the air.
Some of us enjoy the idea of intelligent talk radio in the morning and
will miss the DLR show. Looks like my subscription to satelite radio
is in the works. It might be a difficult thing to go into work knowing
that you are being dissintegrated from the people who are supposed
to protect you. They set him up to fail from the beginning, but he
still put on the best morning show I have heard.

From: Bill

Are you kidding me? After what they did to Dave, its amazing he stuck
around for TWO quality interviews. Most people would have walked
yesterday after hearing about their demise on the radio from the two
giddy little west coast pansies that followed Dave's show.
It proves what kind of class Dave has. I would have expected less
from a prima-dona like Stern, but not Dave. I listened every day to
the show and LOVED it. It was classic Dave at his best. I will very
greatly miss the show!

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