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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

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The Inequity of Radio Airplay

Technology aside, for an artist there's no better feeling than hearing your song played by someone other than yourself. This is not about "covering" your song, as in hearing another artist perform it. I'm speaking of your song being played on the radio; unfortunately, it's unlike decades ago when that song would have made its way onto a playlist because the radio industry was open to airing local bands - and breaking new music.
"Getting 'radio airplay' isn't as easy today because the radio industry has restructured itself."

Include technology and there's a new, more arduous, road to fame.

Getting "radio airplay" isn't as easy today because the radio industry has restructured itself. You're swimming in a much larger pool of aspiring talent, whereby those selecting who-gets-broadcast-airplay have been slimmed to a far smaller number of radio industry music directors. Yet, make no mistake, broadcast radio is where one spin exposes you to thousands of people.

Over on the technology side, the definition of a spin is slightly different. The vast majority of the internet's radio stations may only have 10 people listening. Online, a spin reaches 10 people but is counted as 10 spins. The internet has also opened the gates to a flow of competition unlike anything a local band saw those "decades ago."

Today's artist needs to reassess the return on chasing radio airplay. I keep a list of companies offering services to artists. Currently it's at 58, not including the top dozen. Many claim to submit songs to broadcast radio. I'm not aware, though, of any that will get airplay from those submissions.

You're in a band. You want to be "discovered."

To me, here's the new way to find fame and fortune: Buy a lottery ticket. In today's music market, your chance for success is about the same.

Fortunately, the one item remaining constant is that there's no better feeling than hearing your song played by someone other than yourself, regardless of where. And you do have many online outlets that are willing to play your song. You just have to understand that there probably won't be thousands of people hearing each spin.

That's the reality of today's radio airplay.

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Today's indie introduction is to...
Rock artist Eve's Burden
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Butterfly Net

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When an artist has the power to please they should be given a chance to be heard.

Give Eve's Burden's "Butterfly Net" a listen.

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