Landing Page is an Ad Campaign Must

Many will read this headline and assume it refers to having a landing page only for online campaigns. They are wrong.

For online and broadcast radio, chasing accountable advertising is what will give a chance to grow. The quite old "landing page" concept delivers this accountability, at a time when media buyers are less interested in how many eyeballs or ears are exposed to the message.

Post campaign, "how many responded" is becoming the first answer sought.

It's time we move the landing page front and center. CPM needs to be traded for CPP and CPA, and a move to this needs to start from within the radio industry if it is to be credible.

Any media's ad campaign should push audience to a designated landing page URL (media''s_name). The advertiser pays based on an agreed-to response by the audience - page views, an action, or a sale. The media charges different rates depending on what response is measured. The media retains control of pricing.

Move away from the past. Stop feeling comfortable. Jump into providing what advertisers seek. No matter where an ad is run, the ubiquity of online makes the landing page an indispensable part of any campaign.

Unless the landing page is given its deserved priority, radio sales execs will continue to see a downward spiral of revenue.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015      eMail to a Friend