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Monday, June 10, 2013
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Marketing Music vs Posting Bravado

You're good. You know that. What's more is that this statement can be applied to either a musician or internet radio station owner wanting to get word out to increase their fan base.

The standard belief goes something like this: All we need is for someone to stumble across what we produce and they will be sucked into wanting more - it's that good.
"There's new opportunity for all with digital DIY marketing. There's also a huge time suck as artists and radio industry personnel chase ineffective means of marketing."

Someone hand me a 2x4. I need to drive home a valuable message: People don't respond to your presence in a way that even remotely resembles the above. Facts are in - and they are data driven facts, not conjecture. Unless you are already a part of their lives, people don't care about taking their valuable time to digest whatever it is that you offer.

This topic comes up repeatedly, which is why it needs to be addressed repeatedly. Whether you are a musician or member of the online radio industry, you are marketing yourself to the public, and I don't see much in well-constructed marketing from either group.

Here's an example relative to musicians. In 1997 AG created a small portal for the radio industry at RadioRow. For over a decade, Audio Graphics has also run a small systematic way for internet radio programmers to receive new music at RRadio Music. Together these web sites act as a funnel, introducing new artists.

Audio Graphics, meanwhile, is a place where musicians and radio station operators read about each other and ways to improve how they connect. One such way is in a series of articles titled "New Artists for Internet Radio." It runs twice a month.

Now, for the artists who read this consider that 1) the primary audience for these articles is radio programmers, and 2) the secondary audience is other artists, to let them know that this service exists (submit songs at RRadio Music).

When "New Artists for Internet Radio" is run, I also place it on a number of social media outlets, including Linkedin. As you expect, when placed at Linkedin the article is listed in multiple groups. One is "Internet Radio" and another is the "Music Industry Networking/Job Opportunities," which has 27,500+ members.

If you're a member of Linkedin, view this latter listing here and concentrate on how many musicians post themselves as an addendum to the article. Keep in mind, this group is talking to musicians not radio operators. Also keep in mind that, as an artist, all that's accomplished by posting your name and picture (along with an innocuous message like "check me out") is your success in draining time away from more important music marketing methods. NOBODY in this artist group cares about your song(s) or is in a position to help you build audience. This group is made up of other musicians looking for ways to promote their own music!

If these same musicians who posted at "Music Industry Networking/Job Opportunities" had used their time to post a message at "Internet Radio," they may see results. But each artist who posted their name under an article directed at other musicians is doing no more than posting bravado (better said as wasting time).

I get the same response from internet radio station programmers trying to build their audience, who believe that posting their station name under articles I place at groups like "Internet Radio" is time well spent. It is not.

There's new opportunity for all with digital DIY marketing. There's also a huge time suck as artists and radio industry personnel chase ineffective online marketing. What's described above is the epitome of improper targeting of a marketing message.

And if you are someone who offers service to either of these groups, the only thing you show by promoting yourself at another person's post is that you don't have the ability to promote on your own. I throw this in because of the leeches that normally attach to things I write, people who have recording studios or claim to know how to promote music (like one fellow from the UK). If either had knowledge, they would be using their own methods of promotion and not attaching to another person's work.

Everything that was is now changed. All that was done is now different. The online "do it yourself" (DIY) promotions arena is difficult and time consuming. When used properly, it is also a precise way to get a message to a variety of people who want your music or station. You'll not reach them by spending time in places where they are not.

Stop posting bravado and start promoting yourself to people who matter.

Use a service or do it yourself. Just make sure you don't waste time doing it where the only person caring about what you have to say is YOU.

Today's indie artist introduction to internet radio is...
Von shakes
sample song
The Routine

Download Song


We listen for songs that evoke emotion; fast, slow, female, male, group, it doesn't matter. When an artist has the power to please, they should be given a chance to be heard.

Give Von shakes's "The Routine" a listen.

Add it to your station playlist, free! Such is the new world of music distribution.

It's time internet radio programmers take a chance and reach into a huge pile of talent.
It is there that new hit songs will increasingly be found.

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