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Wednesday, July 6, 2011
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Finding Radio Industry Amid the New Music

If you ask people who listen to radio online, the radio industry is not playing enough new music on its stations.

In July 2010, we asked 1,043 internet radio listeners to answer this simple question: "Lately, I've been finding most new music on...." Here's how they responded.

Follow this link to see that there is little difference between the age groups 12-44 and 45+. The majority in each group claims internet radio is how they "find the most new music."

Take the question one step farther and it gives the radio industry guidance. Here's what we found when asking, "Would you like it if your online radio station played fewer/more new artists?"

Narrow the age group to 12-44, and the results are even more telling.

"There is also a call by your audience to hear new music. Go ahead, ask them yourself on your station's web site." Terrestrial radio stations using their web site to rebroadcast over-the-air programming are missing a huge advantage. Instead, they should be using their web site to expose new music.

Do a simple query on any search engine using the keywords "find new music," "finding new music," "independent artists," or "indie artists." See if you find even one mention of a broadcast radio station within the top 20 listings on any of these searches.

The radio industry can believe whatever it wants. However, the reality of finding new music today rests on a person going online, doing a search to find an online station (or new artists), and listening to fresh sounds. This may be a subjective comment but it's one I firmly believe in: People do not wait for their local radio station to introduce them to new music as if this were the 1980s.

The dynamics of finding new music has changed, yet the radio industry has not - even with a radio station's stream. Any broadcaster who is looking to give a person reason to travel to their web site can simply produce a 30-second promo with a snippet of sound from a new artist, and the words "hear the rest on our web site."

It's time to offer the audience what they are looking for. You can do it by seeking out new artists on your own, by using third party programs (like Audio Graphics' "Intro to Indie Artists"), or by downloading a long list of new - royalty free - music from web sites like Audio Graphics' RRadio Music.

There is plenty of free, new music to be found; some may be sampled below.

There is also a call by your audience to hear new music. Go ahead, ask them yourself on your station's web site.

Once you get the answers, though, the question becomes "Will the radio industry listen to the results?"

On 79 RRadio Stations
Michelle Simpson:
"Bad Luck Happens In Threes"

sample song

Download Song

On 78 RRadio Stations
Mark Anderson:
"Dog on a Chain"

sample song

Download Song

Here are the top picks from our team. All downloads are FREE!

On 64 RRadio Stations
Norine Braun:

sample song

Download Song

On 39 RRadio Stations
Mama Chill:
"LowDown Dirty..."

sample song

Download Song

On 48 RRadio Stations
Red Union Blue:
"Hold Back The Spring"

sample song

Download Song

On 46 RRadio Stations
Ted's Living Room:
"Kick Yo' Party"

sample song

Download Song

Find many more new artists at RRadio Music.

Or, schedule an "Intro to Indie Artists" Program!

(Country, Dance, Hip Hop & Rap, Jazz, Pop, Rock)

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