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AG News: 7/20/2007

How to Save the HD Radio Industry

It was stupid of me. I should have seen it coming when first putting out a prediction that internet radio would be rebroadcast on small and medium market stations in the not-too-distant future. At the time it made sense, but that was in 2002.

Please, let me reword that earlier prediction: Internet radio stations will be showing up as rebroadcasts on HD Radio side channels.

What's that? WOXY already has signed to do this?

Next, you'll be telling me that is leasing out one of its sub-channels as additional programming for NPR. Oh. It does?

Not that a trend can be made using two stations, but do you see one forming? is the phoenix, a widely acclaimed station that crashed due to cost. Then, it resurfaced with backing from La La Media. Now, it's going to be an HD channel for Cincinnati Public Radio and WVXU.

Like I said, it was stupid of me not to see this coming. Or, that two industries could be so well suited to help each other out of problems.

Internet radio stations are what's going to save HD Radio!

There is a dire need for good HD Radio programming, and an uplift in its cool-factor. Millions of people are turning to independent internet radio stations, and many would like to hear them in their cars.

The broadcast radio industry wins cool-factor. Webcasters earn deserved respect and expanded distribution.

HD Radio's White Knight could very well be the closest thing to 'cool' that either radio industry has today - being an independent station on the internet.

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