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AG News: 8/12/2008

The Internet - a Radio Tool

As a member of the radio industry, you may be eyeballing The NAB Radio Show 2008 September 17-19 in Austin, TX. If so, sit back and read what follows.

As you look for ways to grow your radio station's Internet audience, don't forget to look at ways to use the Internet to enhance your client's experience.

Nearly every radio station is pushing listeners to its web site, but literally none has used the Internet to increase the efficiency of the time buy.

Besides offering advertisers your station-site banner ads, has anyone done anything about using their web site to expand the advertiser's message?

How many GSMs have requested their sales force collect an e-mail address from each client? Have any started a newsletter? Does any station have a separate web site (or part of a web site) that caters to the business side of their business? A place where current or potential advertisers can go to get a look at why they should spend money on your station (besides the "advertise with us" page that carries minimum information)? What about information on how to construct a radio campaign? Or a page explaining what answers are important before spending their money?

This low-cost addition to your sales team may also be used by clients to submit traffic instructions or new copy, learn about last-minute avails, or see your latest win in Arbitron.

To only use the Internet for gathering an audience is wasteful. The Internet gives radio the ability to deliver information to clients more efficiently than ever before.

It's a tool that's better than a telephone; if used properly, it will deliver far better results.

So, as you prep to go off to NAB Radio Show 2008, consider that the above words were posted at on October 2, 2000 - for The NAB Radio Show 2000.

We still seem no further ahead. Note that I have purchased many radio advertising buys in Cleveland and have never received a client-based information email. (I have, however, received a few emails from account reps letting me know they have a special sale and that I need to act NOW!)

Any questions on why advertisers are looking for alternative advertising platforms?

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