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Friday, August 17, 2012
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New Indie Artists for Internet Radio

There are two sides to hearing new music: 1) Finding quality artists' songs; 2) Having internet radio programmers play these songs.

It really doesn't get more complicated than this but, "this," in itself, is no small task.

Since 1997 Audio Graphics has been active with internet radio. Since 2003, AG's has delivered quality independent artists songs - free - for radio stations to stream.

"Stations select individual songs, or choose to download short programs of new music.

Artists submit their music to be considered for a listing at RRadio Music."
Station owners just request a song, or program - it's delivered to you, free, online.

Artists only need to submit their music to be considered for a listing at RRadio Music,

RRadio Music is a web site designed for internet radio programmers to hear new songs, and for indie artists to display their music.

This is as simple as it gets for stations and artists.

A Few of the Songs at RRadio Music. (Go Here for More):


Michelle Simpson:
"Bad Luck Happens In Threes"

sample song

Download Song


A Fragile Tomorrow:
"I Just Never Said Enough"

sample song

Download Song


Lisa Mowry:
"Some Things Are True"

sample song

Download Song


Nick Rotundo:
"Live for the Money Today"

sample song

Download Song


Big A-C:
"Here We Go"

sample song

Download Song


The Connie Lansberg Quartet:

sample song

Download Song

For broadcast stations wanting to offer unique programming online,
or for internet radio stations looking for quality content...

New "Intro to Indie Artists" Programs
Country, Dance, Hip Hop & Rap, Jazz, Pop, Rock

Programs are available to stations at no charge.

Sample programs below. Click the picture at right to order.

Click to Listen

Sample Length

Program Length

5 Song 3:57 20:29
3 Song 2:59 11:54
2 Song 2:07 8:51

5 Song 4:02 19:42
3 Song 2:36 12:07
2 Song 1:34 8:02

Hip Hop & Rap
5 Song 5:08 21:55
3 Song 2:49 12:51
2 Song 2:38 9:39

5 Song 4:56 22:52
3 Song 2:34 14:43
2 Song 1:38 8:6

5 Song 3:27 18:45
3 Song 2:29 11:27
2 Song 1:18 7:48

5 Song 4:42 21:01
3 Song 3:07 11:52
2 Song 2:18 9:49

Click song number or "Sample Length" to hear abbreviated program.

Order Your FREE Programs Here

Play a Blast of New Music for Your Audience!

Request Programs

Through RRadio Music I have received world wide radio play and exposure that I never have would accomplished on my own. - Ashley Baker - Country Artist

It's been really easy to join in with this and it really helps with airplay! - Katie Owen - Pop Artist

The RRadio Music program is by far the easiest and most lucrative program I've been involved with so far. - Jimmy Layton - Jazz Artist (Under the Moon)

Our system helps indie artists and internet radio operators.

Start with RRadio Music.

Country, Dance, Hip Hop & Rap, Jazz, Pop, Spiritual, and Rock songs are all displayed. Radio programmers download songs to add to their playlists.

Hear RRadio Music - Sample "Intro to Indie Artists" Programs - Submit Songs

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