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Thursday, September 4, 2014

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Online Stations: Where Do You Find Music?

There are many things I used to do that are done no more. Relative to daily life, it was fun to gather with friends on Monday evenings for football. Camping was a near-weekly escape. At one time I had a boat; for those who do today, you may eventually turn away from that money pit too.

If we strictly look at music consumption, there's also a growing list of "not done anymore" items. To say habits are changing is vastly understated, and that doesn't reference only the consumer side where dozens of options to music listening have sprouted.
"How many labels send music to online stations? The answer is no mystery - very few.

"Internet radio station owners are on their own in finding new music."

Let's isolate this "listening" to consumers discovering new music. What used to be a handful of broadcast stations feeding the crowd has exploded into a mist of smaller online radio stations, YouTube, and other audio-based services.

While broadcast stations are introducing fewer and fewer "new" acts, thousands of radio station programmers over on the online radio side are looking for an inexpensive, fast and efficient way to find new music. Even with the internet, that's not as easy as it sounds.

How many labels send music to online stations? The answer is no mystery - very few.

Internet radio station owners are on their own in finding new music. Then there's clearing the use of that music through SoundExchange, or having the artist sign a waiver. The latter, setting up a waiver, is easy to sustain but extremly difficult to implement. The former, paying performance royalties, is a fiscal nightmare.

Let me reminisce. As a radio music director, there was a time when I received over a hundred singles along with about 50 new albums each week. Labels would throw music at me hoping that one of their offerings would be chosen as the new artist "add" of the week.

As an online radio operator today, how many new songs are sent to your station? Where do you find music?

This is the void I've chosen to fill - creating a systematic, easy approach for artists to get music to radio stations.

Online radio stations are ignored by record labels because labels do not recognize them as a bona fide source for exposing new music.

Add the twist that artists are usually the ones behind pitching songs today and you have one reason RRadio Music was created. Individual songs and programs are listed at RRadio Music for the asking, free. As an internet radio station programmer all you need to do is scan the page, listen to a sample, and click to request it be sent to you.


Nick Gill
By the Way

sample song

Download Song

More Songs Here
Download New Music, Free

More Songs Here Individual songs, indie artist programs, and a systematic, free, easy way for online radio owners to get quality music for their station.

It's a comfortable fit for the artists, stations and me.

Sample RRadio Music. Take a quick listen to an "Intro to Indie Artists" program, then click a request for either a song or any of seven program genres: Country, Dance, Hard Rock, Jazz, Pop, Rap, or Rock.

A place to find good new music is as close as your cursor. Hundreds of stations use RRadio Music. In the next year I expect that list to grow by a few hundred more.

Welcome to the new world of music distribution.

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Today's indie introduction is to...
Country artist Houston Bernard
sample song
Fine Ol' Time

Download Song


When an artist has the power to please, they should be given a chance to be heard.

Give Houston Bernard's "Fine Ol' Time" a listen.

Add it to your playlist, free!

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