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An Indie Artist Pipeline to Internet Radio
Friday, January 18, 2013 A New Breed of Indie Artists
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New Indie Artists for Internet Radio

It's over. RAB RadioShow 2012 (held with NAB) is a memory. It will result in about the same degree of forward movement for radio that previous shows displayed. Look for a return to how things were done, head-shaking about radio revenue stagnating, and boasts of "compelling" content evolving by expanding syndicated programming.
"We know that the radio industry has a limited number of availabilities for introducing new artists..."

Of course this will all be accompanied by an increased migration to online advertising. Oh, and also keep your eyes on how, despite what radio industry trades discuss, more youth will be exposed to new music through the internet.

Unless you drank the Kool-Aid or kept your head in the sand (two actions that are not scarce within the radio industry), you cannot help but notice a proliferation of smartphones. They've become every bit as much a "must have" for the 18-44 demo today as the digital camera, a device that decimated the film industry because of film's refusal to acknowledge digital's existence.

Smartphones are used - in conjunction with social media - as a tool for telling friends about "new finds." For youth, spreading the word on music is a good reason to connect with friends.

You'll find many people within the radio industry who say the music distribution system is broken. Thousands of artists echo this thought, which is why I created RRadio Music: a way of giving artists access to programmers, and giving programmers a source of quality music that is - at the least - worthy of hearing.

My interest in helping indie artists find new audiences started in 2002, when I created RRadio Music.

We know that the radio industry has a limited number of availabilities for introducing new artists, affected by the increased amount of advertising availabilities added over the years. That terrestrial radio still plays to the masses means it has a strong need for familiar artists and redundancy of songs.

The future for music discovery lies in matching independent artists with internet radio stations, which carry far less commitment for advertising time and a deeper need for fresh content.


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