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Tuesday, September 27, 2011
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All the Numbers From Webcast Metrics®

Triton Digital released its Webcast Metrics® for August 2011. The report shows a 19.7% increase (from July) in Average Active Sessions for its top-20 rankers. Removing Katz Online Radio Network from the totals - as 13 of the top 20 rankers are represented in those Katz numbers - the increase still sits at a healthy 18%.

"These numbers are from the latest report, with background data through April 2010." Set aside the industry's spat with Pandora. Forget all those internet radio networks and stations which do not appear in the Triton data, too.

What you see in these numbers only represents the top-tiered players subscribing to the Triton Digital audience measuring service, and what's presented in the August release shows sustained growth.

The radio industry is now moving into a time when online radio listening can no longer be ignored.

Audio Graphics offers a look at these online radio rankings in a way that you won't find anywhere else. All the numbers, from April 2010, are listed.

Download our free report; you'll not only see, numerically, where the reporting stations/networks sit, but also graphics to lay out the Average Active Sessions, Session Starts, and Average Time Spent Listening for each for the 17 months of reports - for each station/group.

Here are four graphics (of dozens) included in this free report. They represent the Average Active Domestic Monday-Friday streams.

Get Your Breakout of Triton Digital
August Webcast Metrics® Here

These numbers are from the latest report, with background data through April 2010. Download the Report

Click to Download Spreadsheet

Included in this spreadsheet are the July Webcast Metrics® numbers. While tabulating those earlier, I discovered an error in Triton's calculations and needed to wait for them to correct it prior to publishing that month's results. (Triton re-released those numbers with the August Rankers.)

Download the August Report Here

The public's appetite for listening to radio online is not, as some radio executives say, representing "nothing to worry about for the radio industry at large."

Now that dashboard integration for internet radio listening is gaining speed, the broadcast radio industry had better be getting its "Plan B" ready.

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