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Wednesday, October 1, 2014
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New "Intro to Indie Artists" Country Programs

Short, free programs made for internet radio! (Sample programs below.)

Stations: Artists sign waivers.
Click the picture at right to order.

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Sample Length Program Length
5 Song 3:38 17:44
3 Song 2:10 10:59
2 Song 2:09 7:49

Click song number to hear scoped program.

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Also, just click these to sample and order free:
Country, Dance, Hip Hop & Rap, Jazz, and Rock - Soft & Hard.

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Play a Blast of New Music for Your Audience!

New Artist Program

"The quality of your Indie artists far surpass those of Music Submit."
Scott Schlafman,

For Internet Radio Stations (and broadcasters' streams).
Great New Country Music from Indie Artists:

Here are the latest country artists from RRadio Music:

Download and play these songs, free. Or, request the Country Program.

Whiskey N' Rye
Until the End

sample song

Download Song

Tracy DeLucia
Stand By Your Man
(The Hell I Am!)

sample song

Download Song

Red Union Blue
" Hoping & Praying"

sample song

Download Song

Grant Maloy Smith
How Long Does a Woman Have to Wait?

sample song

Download Song

Casi Joy
Old Town Lane

sample song

Download Song

Free "Intro to Indie Artists" Program

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