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    Audio Graphics began polling the online radio audience in 2002. It continues today with support from Borrell Associates. This data comes from the only continuously-running survey of people who listen to internet radio.

    Survey 53 asked about email use.
    We gathered responses to these questions:
    1) Where do you read your first emails of the day?

    2) On what type of device do you most often read email? (Click Graph)

    3) Not counting spam, on average, how many emails do you receive per day?

    See details on Survey 53 here.

    Have your station serve this Audio Graphics/Borrell Associates survey.
    Survey-serving stations share the data. We ask 3 questions; after receiving 1,000+ responses, 3 different questions are then displayed.

    Each survey is branded to the serving station.

    Click Here to Participate.

    You receive 2 lines of code to place on your home page. It runs this ad...

    Click, and get in now. Another Internet Audience Survey has just started.

    Your Breakout of Triton Digital "August" Webcast MetricsŪ is Here

    These charts are from the latest report, with background data through April 2010.
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    You may also be interested in the Audio Graphics' program series "Intro to Indie Artists." These are free programs, with quality artists who have signed waivers so you can play their music.

    Find free 5, 3, and 2 Song Programs for Your Station

    Sample 3-song "Intro to Indie Artists"...

    Hip Hop Rock Pop Country Jazz Dance

    Click here to select your free program.

    I think this program is an excellent way to put Independent artists out there - Leameana:: The Chat Cafe`

    "Intro to Indie Artists" is a great fresh content system..." -

    Great service you have! - Rick O'Shields: Everyday Connection

    New Artist Program

    "The shows are GREAT!!!" Jerry Johnson:

                                  Download Individual Indie Artists' Songs Here

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