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Thursday October 18, 2012
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Finding Fresh Music for Radio

Dive into a conversation about the radio industry today and at some point you'll most likely hear the words "repetition" and "homogenized playlists" spoken (the first coming from listeners, the latter from those in the industry). Both represent a negative quality about radio that needs to be shaken.

Turn elsewhere and we continually hear "content is King," "compelling," and "going viral" mentioned as means of drawing audience and as the fastest methods of gaining fans.

"Where you get more bang for this buck is with the ability to promote an artist as 'independent.'" One problems is that the public has so many "kings" today that loyalty wanes. And these kings demonstrate less that's "compelling," which is the reason we're finding it increasingly difficult to go viral. (Read: Getting people to talk about us at the water cooler.)

P1 audience circles - across all media - are becoming populated with fewer persons, each holding a more finely tuned selection of interests. And here's why the radio industry is so highly affected: Radio, online and off, does little more than offer silos of musical styles. As a mechanism for sorting demos, this is good when choice is limited.

Unfortunately for the radio industry, limited media choice is not a consumer problem anymore.

Another aspect of this "siloing" is that the audience is applying more filtering of content - which it is not aware is being applied. The resulting funnel creates a world where the amount of content one is exposed to is dwarfed by the amount of content one would like but does not know exists.

Want to win in this multi-layered content world? Maintain the repetition and homogenization in those areas where you're casting a net for the largest broadcast audience, and use this broadcast megaphone to sort audience online.

A contemporary country radio-industry station that promotes it features unknown, quality music online can sort its audience into traditional, modern, and country-rock silos - and deliver finely tuned (higher cost) ads to each group.

The Secret Sauce

Where you get more bang for this buck is with the ability to promote an artist as "independent." That's where I can help with RRadio Music.

Feature a song a day at your web site, and archive the listings on a separate page. Select an artist, and promote them as being at "" (All have signed a waiver for you to play their music.) Embed social and tracking code into each entry on your site, and you have the basis for building a data base on users. Highly targeted ads can then be added to your sales package.

The unique King is the most powerful. This is a new world that will not be conquered with old techniques or program formats.

Here are a few of the recent songs added at RRdadio Music. Stations may request free downloads of any song.

Requested Songs:

Nick Gill
"By the Way"

sample song

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Blues Rock
"Woulda Coulda Shoulda"

sample song

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Hard Rock
Siamese Sundown
"Dresden Girls"

sample song

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Neon Blue:
"Thank God For The Simple Man"

sample song

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192 Radio Stations Have Added 1,407 RRadio Music Artists' Songs.

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