Online Radio's Moment to Be Useful

Whenever you introduce anything there's going to be a point where it finds value to consumers. If that point doesn't arrive, whatever that "anything" is will slip away.

Online radio is pushing on twenty years of growth. To me, someone who's been close to this industry since inception, I've not seen a point where its value has flourished. Online radio is growing audience, yes. But proving its worth it's not.
There have been opportunities in the past, but no action. That needs to change. Affordable Care Act
With the above thought, in the United States, it's time the online radio industry embraces what just may give it value. If the industry acts as a unit, this action will also give it notoriety.

All U.S. based stations should be taking the next six weeks to promote the availability of the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Obamacare, if you care.

With the administration's attempting to kill the program by slashing its promotional budget, which allows Americans to be informed, the online radio industry should be the conduit of information; conveying where and how people who need ACA may sign up.

Public service announcements originating from each station should explain, then send listeners who need ACA to

Because this is online, no station is limited to only carrying local information - although, that is always a choice. There are so many elements to the ACA. With marketplaces and plans backed by deadlines, and an administration hell-bent on doing everything it can to push ACA into the shadows, if internet radio chooses, it could make a difference and possibly get good press.

To date a one-size fits all complaint about radio online is that most every station is nothing more than a jukebox on steriods. If online radio is looking to make a mark on its usefulness, I can't think of a more worthwhile endeavor than notifying the masses how to get health care.

Just think if it succeeds in waking an uniformed population, created by political malfeasance.

Someone needs to get the word out that enrollment and signup only go from November 1 to December 15.

Promote the availability of ACA on your internet station. Give people a reason to believe that they'll get more from your station (whatever that "more" may be) by starting now.

The government is giving online radio a wide opening to become more relevant. Make something of this huge opportunity to be useful.

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