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Two words for radio managers: Learn and Adjust You must continuously be teaching yourselves current advertising options - or you will not manage much longer

Learn and adjust.
For the typical radio GSM it has too long been a system based on selling holes in programming.

Running a Radio Station
The warnings of a diminishing CPM and decreasing demand for avails have been shouted many times over the past ten years. Now we have reached the point where a media buyer can lay out a spreadsheet and decide exactly what part of an advertising campaign is working - and which isn't.

To those who want to continue in radio sales there's no longer a question. Your approach must change. Advertisers are demanding it, proven by interactive advertising walking away with an increasingly larger share of the pie.

To prevent a continuing erosion, make radio accountable. (And not in the "Radio Accountability Initiative" smokescreen, attempted in 2009.)

With today's technology, online and broadcast, radio advertising must place a premium on improving response to a client's campaign. Collating data a client never thought to collect solidifies a campaign's effectiveness.

Learn new things; embrace performance pricing. Uncover the various ways to charge for response. They exist.

There is a bright future for selling radio, if you learn and adjust.

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Today's artist introduction is to Pop from Daniel Roure

Daniel Roure
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