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Tuesday, November 15, 2011
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The Solution for Everyone, Being Found

Radio stations, advertisers and musicians share a goal of getting people to notice; in two words, the solution for their problem is "being found."

"As we look at music distribution, you may rightly say that there is too much content making its way to too many stations..." Technology allows you to be found with greater ease. It also lets you target the right people more easily, simplifying the bonding process between station and audience, advertiser and customer, or (for this discussion) an indie artist to a radio station's programmer.

Setting aside the advertiser, let's focus on finding music as a consumer or station programmer.

A just-released report by the National Association of Recording Merchandisers reports that broadcast radio continues as the top "music discovery" vehicle. That's not a surprise, but I anticipate this will dramatically change over the next ten years as generations grow to more tightly embrace technology.

From an independent artist's view, getting the radio industry to take notice has become nearly impossible. Even today, many musicians turn to internet radio in their attempts to be found by counsumers. Online's downside is that there are thousands of internet radio stations for an indie artist to contact, with the vast majority serving a simultaneous audience numbering in the tens, or hundreds at best. Magnifying this problem for artists is that online radio programmers are often enthusiastic amateurs, lacking the time to thoroughly explore new music.

The ability of a new artist to gain attention rests on how much time they have to devote to the "contacting" process. Stations, iTunes, Facebook, YouTube, and hundreds of other similar service-type web sites are now being used by indie artists in search of new fans.

As we look at music distribution, you may rightly say that there is too much content making its way to too many stations - which is my opening for introducing you to something I created that helps both independent artists and online radio programmers.

RRadio Music is Audio Graphics' system for introducing pre-qualified, quality music to internet radio programmers. Through one submission, artists reach hundreds of the people who decide which songs to add at their internet radio stations.

In listening to the many songs listed at RRadio Music, some jump out at me as especially good tunes. These are taken and woven into a program series titled "Intro to Indie Artists," which are then provided free to radio stations online.

For the radio industry, stations receive programs of new music ("Intro to Indie Artists") or programmers download individual songs of their choice (RRadio Music).

Ultimately, eveyone saves time.

Getting people to notice is most difficult if you have no method of assembling an audience. My solution to be found for everyone is in placing them at one location, and by creating programming which satisfies both artist and the programmer's needs.

A few hundreds stations and artists have already proven that this approach works. You're invited to sample it, too. Go here if you're an artist. Or, here if you are a radio industry station with a stream or a pure-play internet radio station operator.

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