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Wednesday, November 24, 2010
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New Artists Get Internet Radio Airplay

Heard any good ideas lately? There may be a few more stories than last year about the radio industry getting into digital, but nothing that's a ground-breaking "new" is being discussed.

Being in a doldrum of news seems a good time to unwrap a new Audio Graphics service for internet radio stations. The endeavor delivers new artists in a series of programs, across 6 music genres, and is gaining acceptance by radio stations online.

In just a few months of existence, "Intro to Indie Artists" has become a variety of 123 programs running on 51 internet radio stations. Its 5, 3, and 2 song presentations in country, dance, hip hop & rap, jazz, pop, and rock genres are quick blasts of new music from independent artists.

"The added plus is that the system creates "programs" for stations..."

I consider this a ground-breaking approach to delivering music because "Intro to Indie Artists" changes the way new acts get their songs played on internet radio stations.

All artists sign waivers giving internet radio stations permission to play their music - free. To date, 130 music groups have been given spins across our network of internet radio stations in what we call "Airplay for Exposure."

The added plus is that the system creates "programs" for stations to help the online radio industry get away from its current jukebox-on-steroids sound.

I won't claim that the public is falling over itself to hear 100% indie artists. However, Audio Graphics' surveys of online radio's audience (conducted with support from Borrell Associates) show people have a craving to hear new music. It's this void that's being filled with "Intro to Indie Artists."

Listeners Want to Hear New Artists.
survey of online radio's audience
, July-August 2010.
Audio Graphics/Borrell Associates
Would you like it if your online radio station
played fewer/more new artists?

Are you interested in hearing music
from unsigned bands?

The "Intro to Indie Artists" series was created as a way for online radio stations to receive a constant flow of music from indie artists. Built in 5, 3, and 2 song program lengths, these short blasts of new music are easily downloaded and scheduled by internet radio station owners. (Station Info)

Broadcast stations that stream can add a twist of new, free music, while staying in Copyright Royalty compliance. Sample programs here.

"Intro to Indie Artists" is part of a strategy, started by Audio Graphics in 2003, to help musicians reach out to internet radio stations. That's when the company's began featuring songs by indie artists, and targeting itself to internet radio programmers.

The best RRadio Music song submissions go into making "Intro to Indie Artists" radio programs - which are freely distributed to internet radio stations. (Artist Info)

Indie artists can get information on song submission at RRadio Music.

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