Music to the Masses

2016 has been an interesting year, and soon we shift from talking about what was to what's ahead.

Words on radio, be they carrying topics of audio, podcasting, online or broadcast, will continue. So will questions of "what are they doing now?" and "why?"

Data in 2017 will continue to show an ad dollar flight to accountable media buys.

Tradition media will continue to argue they're doing fine; but don't look under the demographic hood, please!

Beyond the big players exist what is mostly considered a category containing the expendables, individual who create content. "Currators" is the Mot du Jour, of what is usually preceded with the word "compelling.

But playlists are losing luster. Audience, as fleeting as they are, strike swift then move to the next big thing. For those who create music, or make it available, the internet didn't level the playing field. It multiplied competitors. Clearly the way things were done doesn't work so well anymore.

A year ago my priorities shifted. For 18 years I focused on helping broadcast execs understand how to change radio to fit the internet's potential. They choose to try and change the internet to fit radio's needs.

Today I help new artists get listened to by anyone who makes audio content. Primarily online stations download and use our songs, but podcasters and playlist producers are served with the same focus; music fans are also welcome through iTunes and Google Play. You can call this "radio." I call it "Music Short," a quick blasts of songs to match a fast life.

Over the past months many back-end upgrades have been made on to accomodate social media, personal invites, and other developer "stuff." By the new year I'll be ready to get back into the routine of regularly serving you new artists who deserve to be heard.

This is my passion: Help new artists gain exposure, while assisting online music sources that are gouged by online performance royalty fees. Fans are welcome too.

Here's a taste of what's coming.

Music Short returns Monday, January 2, 2017.

Thursday, December 8, 2016      eMail to a Friend

Today's artist introduction is to Blues from Invisible Eddie

Invisible Eddie
  Give "The Blues Won't Leave Me Alone" a listen.

  Stations: Add it to your playlist, free.