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Monday, December 15, 2014

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Male Monday: New Artists for Internet Radio

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One reason Audio Graphics exists is to help match quality indie artists with internet radio stations.

Audio Graphics created this approach of music distribution to help the online radio industry grow, and indie artists get airplay. We call it "Airplay for Exposure."
"'Airplay for Exposure.' It's how RRadio Music artists pass their passion on..."

Our artists sign waivers, giving internet radio stations permission to play their songs free; no fees to SoundExchange, ASCAP, BMI, or SESAC.

The following male artists are like many indie acts available at AG's RRadio Music. They come from a new breed of digitally savvy musicians who understand the importance of internet radio in getting their music heard.

We are changing the way music is distributed in the radio industry: Online radio station programmers only need a click to sample and request a free download of the song.

"Airplay for Exposure." It's how RRadio Music artists pass their passion on, and how Audio Graphics is helping reshape music distribution in the radio industry.

Rock Listen
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The Morning Episodes
Now It Starts

Listen to The Morning Episodes on
Intro to Indie Artists

Stations: Free Download

Grunge Listen
sample song

Von Shakes
The Routine

Listen to Von Shakes on
Intro to Indie Artists

Stations: Free Download

Country Listen
sample song

The Fry Brothers
Mr. Party

Listen to The Fry Brothers on
Intro to Indie Artists

Stations: Free Download

Hip Hop Listen
sample song

Mr. Sleepy
Up In The Club

Listen to Mr. Sleepy on
Intro to Indie Artists

Stations: Free Download

Pop Listen
sample song

Chaz Robinson

Listen to Chaz Robinson on
Intro to Indie Artists

Stations: Free Download

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360 radio stations have requested 5,020 RRadio Music artists' songs.

"The quality of your Indie artists far surpass those of Music Submit." - Scott Schlafman,

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