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Wednesday, December 21, 2011
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Online Radio Listener Survey 54 Results

It's routine now. Asking internet radio listeners their opinions on a variety of subjects has been a continous action since Audio Graphics created the concept in 2002. My goal is for the radio industry to use this ability to "talk with the audience." It will significantly help radio's image, pushing radio away from being an old school media.

"Survey-serving stations receive detailed breakouts of this data.

(Receive here.)"
Today we have the results from our 54th survey. It shows online spending for holiday gifts is now common (as are the amounts spent), that employers are not stopping folks from listening to internet radio at work, and how we have a growing number of people with 5 or more friends listening to internet radio.

You'll find a breakout of answers here. But to give an example of returns, let's look at this year's online holiday shopping by the folks who lisen to radio online.

Do you plan to shop online for the 2011 holiday season?
If YES, how much will you budget for holiday shopping online?

Survey-serving stations receive detailed breakouts of this data. (Receive here.)

You may also request a partial breakout of this data.

I'll be taking a break until after the New Year. Should anything of substance for the radio industry occur, though, it will be posted. Otherwise, see you on January 2.

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