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Monday, December 24, 2012
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It's Time to Change Radio Commercials

(Publisher's Note: The following appeared at Audio Graphics on February 1, 2002.)

Radio commercials are like cigarettes: They cost a lot, are mostly filled with hot air, and haven't changed much since the fifties.

But news is RJR Tobacco hasn't focused on the cigarette, they redesigned the package. (Which is what the radio industry needs to do with its commercial; redesign how it's presented to the client and listener.)

"...the radio industry's product is as stale as an old cigarette." We are due for change in the way advertisers use a radio commercial. We've already seen a change in how listeners hear them - they pay less attention to radio ads today due to long stop sets, lousy creative, poor execution, and many more of them.

Today, advertisers have their choice of different media. It's not just print, broadcast or billboard anymore. All those local businesses that used to flock to the radio industry see a host of other ways to get their name out.

Not that radio should attach to the tobacco industry but, if we aren't going to improve the product (commercials), like tobacco, let's change the approach to selling it.

Quotes from Ken. Year, 2002:
Radio's approach to going online has been wrong since the beginning.
It's only when radio execs figure out users want more than hype, which
the radio industry's genre of web site is built around, will radio begin to
challenge the online leaders.
The times aren't a changing. They've done changed.
Start bending to address what youth want in media or lose.

Have a safe and merry holiday.

Ken Dardis

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