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Internet Radio Audience: Predictions Miss the Mark

RRadio Network first surveyed the online radio audience in October 2001. Today it provides the only continuous picture of this group's listening habits, family financials, education levels, and social interaction. 1,854 persons responded to our Survey 34, posted at over 50 online radio station web sites.

One of the benefits of a continuing survey is the ability to ask, and then check response. That's what was done with this question asked in Q1 2005: "By this time next year, what do you see yourself listening to most?" Our check of that response came with Survey 34, and the question "What do you listen to most?"

While the Jan-March 2005 answers show internet radio, MP3 players, and satellite radio as leaders, the reality of "What do you listen to most" shows differently. Oh... and broadcast, which was claimed by only 15.6% as what they'd be listening to in a year, faired much better.

Broadcast Radio Cable, Music-Only Channel Internet Radio MP3 Player Satellite Radio Other
Mar-05 ** 15.6% 1.5% 58.4% 11.5% 7.9% 5.0%
Dec-05 + 25.1% 0.9% 57.3% 8.5% 3.2% 4.2%

** What they predicted they would be listening to most...
+ What they are listening to most today...

Pay attention to the "satellite radio" category, and the difference in "those that will" and "those that are." It's a telling statement that many investors aren't paying much attention to. Ignoring it may come back to bite them next year.

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Posted: 11:58 12/22/2005

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