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Radio Can Use Public's Interest In Bloggers

There are many discussions going on about the power of blogs. Usually, these talks also contain short sideline discussions on how traditional media is losing its power. Radio, in an identity crisis of its own, may be able to take the public's interest in bloggers, incorporate a "common man" minute into its programming, and come out with a new image. That a media would speak for the community instead of its corporate owners is a large stick in this anti-media age.

Today we'll see the launch of a web site that expands the blogger's importance. "OSM," the short way of saying "Open Source Media," debuts as a place where quality bloggers are aggregated. You can read the details through the link below. While you're reading though, think about a need in your community for a voice that represents the listener. See if there isn't a few times each day you could open sixty-seconds for it to be heard in your station's programs.

While audio blogs are beginning to get noticed in the form of podcasts, there is still nothing being delivered by the broadcast community that allows the citizen-voice to be heard. That may not be a reason why people are listening for shorter times to local stations, but it is one reason why they are searching for what's online.

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Posted: 11:37 11/16/2005

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