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Cell Phone Radio - David's After Goliath

First it was Motorola, then Cingular. Now Verizon and Sprint are getting set to enter the radio cell phone market. (Story linked below.) Sirius and XM Satellite Radio need to heed the warning; they aren't the only choices for unhappy local radio listeners.

While the article linked below points to cell phone radio aiming at the iPod market, the satrad companies also need to be worried. Once the stage is set (right now it's only being designed), radio on cell phones is going to sweep the rug out from under the $100 million-dollar-a-year Howard Stern deal that Sirius is banking on. Cell phone radio is also going to give XM a run, at rates less than its recent subscription boost to $12.95 a month.

There's never a sure thing, but this thing is sure. Given the druthers of subscribing to satellite radio (after buying a $300 receiver), or tuning into songs you have to pay upwards of 99 cents a piece for (after shelling out up to $250 for a portable MP3 player), a few bucks a month to get a wide range of online radio stations on your cell phone is a no-brainer.

There is a whole generation that's attached to its cell phone. Now that we're seeing radio show up on it, watch how quickly listening to radio on your cell phone defines the person whose pocket it's in.

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Posted: 10:55 4/18/2005

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