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Changing Odds on Drawing Power of Howard Stern

Speculators play the market. Then you have the folks who lay out the research for speculators to play from. Bridge Ratings, the one most listened to about Howard Stern and his ability to draw audience to Sirius, has made a revision in the number of Stern listeners it said would be ending up with subscriptions:

"An intense marketing campaign for Stern over the last two weeks has boosted
our December estimates for Sirius satellite radio. However, we are projecting
fewer Stern converts than previously estimated for the month of January."
The press release goes on to say: "After interviewing Stern listeners who
actually subscribed to Sirius in October, we are projecting an improving
subscriber base of over 800,000 in the fourth quarter."

Sounds pretty good so far. But, reading on:
"Bridge Ratings' projection for the period October 2005 through February 2006
is now 1,300,000 new Sirius subscribers by the end of February 2006. This
estimate is over 1 million subscribers lower than our initial estimates due
to a softening interest by Stern listeners."

That's definitely lower. Yet, it is over the threshold needed to make profit for Sirius, after Howard's $100 million-a-year contract.

One investment company is also revising its faith in Howard Stern's ability to draw, according to the headline at that reads "Bank of America Calls Sirius a Sell."

You can read the article, linked below. But go into it with this bit of advice given to me by an active investor, as he sent the Bank of America radio holdings account list below: " will see what they are really doing is classic pump and dump, these actions result in sec investigations often. Looks like they started buying sirius during september .....they even sold xmsr."

Publisher's Note: At press time I got word Howard Stern is going to be carried on SIRIUS Canada.

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Posted: 14:27 12/14/2005

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