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   A New Breed of Indie Artists

Country Songs Title
Aaron Crawford Evergreen
Aly Cook Midnight Sun
Amanda Landry Middle of the Night
Amanda Wilson Hands on You
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Amanda Wilson Heaven on Earth Down Here
Amanda McCarthy Elephant in the Room
Andreas Carlsson & The Moonshine Band Nothing But You
Andy and The Rockers Down Home Kentucky
Anthony J. Foti and CLOSENUF In the Eyes of the Rose
Anthony Stells The Day
Brenda Bennett One Moment In Time
Brenda Cay R & R Reggae & Rum
Brenda Loomis Band Meant to Be
BrothersP Texting, Talking, Checking Mail
Carla Jo Carr God Lives in Tennessee
Cash Creek The Hard Way
Casi Joy Keep Dancin'
Casi Joy Old Town Lane
Chad Triplett George Jones
Chelsey Danfield Die Alone
Chloe Collins Kinda Boy A Girl Writes Songs About
Chloe Collins LYING
Chloe Collins That Girl
Chloe Collins Forget Your Name
Coldwater Canyon Country GirlZ
Craig Donaldson Never Say Never
Cutler Boyd The Way God Made Me
Cutler Boyd Simple Life
Dave Rukkus Band Nobody's Home
Dj So Cincere Superhero
Dodie Greenwald Rachelle
Don Mathews Still Gone
Dustin Clark and Stone Mountain Railroad Memory Eraser
Dustin Clark and Stone Mountain Railroad The Bitch Came Undone
Eagle River Highway Freedom Road
Eve's Burden By the Campfire
Fireside Six You & I
Genevieve Allen Tequila Called
Grant Maloy Smith How Long Does a Woman Have to Wait?
Houston Bernard Band We Made Out
Houston Bernard Band Fine Ol' Time
Jack Clark Brand Hungry Heart
Jack Ryan Next Exit, Paradise
Jenny Casey Get In Line
Joe McGowan Light
Josh Fuller On the Radio
Kevin Nevel Our Last Kiss
Lora Pascarella I'm In Trouble
Matt Rouch I'm No Angel
Matt Rouch Adelaide
Mason Zgoda My Love
Moaning Lisas Widest Trailer in the Lot
Neon Blue Thank God For The Simple Man
Nicki Gillis Leavin' You For Myself
Noah Bond Silver Ball on the Roulette Wheel of Life
Norine Braun Midnight
North Country Flyers Maybe The Good Life
North Country Flyers Naked Time
Panic Haven Another You
Pixley Arbuckle Easy to Admire
Pixley Arbuckle I Need to Get Some Sleep
Pixley Arbuckle Something Wrong With You
Pixley Arbuckle Being Loved Like This
Professor Doug Bell Take Me Down
Red Union Blue Hoping & Praying
Rhonda Kaye Hold Back The Spring
Rog Georg Dust
Single Girl, Married Girl How About Now
St.Cyr-White Find You
Stevie Jewel Told You So
Sven Curth Plain to See
The August & J Band Alive
The Reclamators Let's Boogie Together
Tika Porter Home Grown Texas Kind of Girl
Todd Barrow Grit & Grim
Tracy DeLucia Stand By Your Man (The Hell I Am!)
Twang and Round Hoss Cat
Vanessa Lavoie Butterfly Feeling
Victoria Babcock Too Bad for Me
Wayne Montgomery Sunshine Anytime
Whiskey N' Rye Until the End

Dance Music
Angel / Carmen Peters Tell Me
Art Bell 11/8 Fantasy
Barry International Gunslinger Vol. 1
Bruno Pignatiello Balada Reggae
Buya Ilusiones
Cling Beyond Your Dreams
Cory Cooper Splode
Craymo Passion For Fashion
Chuck Eaton That's All We Need
Evan Hersch Tephra
Enivian "The Element" Down Down Up
Horacio Junior Party
J786 I like You
J786 Rock Tonight
Joe Catanzaro Magic
Katie Robinette Amazing
Kristinia DeBarge Cry Wolf
L & O Now Everybody Stand In Line
Mgyver Power Hustle
Nattyva Dancefloor
Robin Ray Midnight In Paris
Promise Marks City of Angels
Purist Step into the Sun
Rosanna Carlucci The Walls Have Ears
Shane Burgess Summer
Sherlyn This Time Baby
Special Request I Love It (when you dance for me)
Starfire Rainbow Jellybean Boogie Down
T-360 The Future
Ted's Living Room Kick Yo' Party
The Julian Day The Tide
Tony_Carlucci A New Day
Tony_Carlucci Get Up
Ulysses Salett Color Wheel
Vesterv Flow
VIDDOCE World on a Run

Hip Hop & Rap
A Nu King Falling
Ashley Hines and the Driven You're the One
B White a.k.a. Coldblooded What you wanna Do
Balistic Man Same Spot, Same Place
Berris Smith Turn Off the Lights
BFAM Dream Team Private Dance
Big Jit Sexy Mama
Big Jit Vybe Beats
Big Lou Takinover
Bobby J 151!!!
Bottles Belafonte Love Matters
Bottles Belafonte No Worries
BrothersP Where Are the Kings
Canary Kaine Fire
Carl B. All Around The World
Chosen Go Hard Ft Sp Da Don
Cleezyana Jones Like Winehouse
Da-Mind Dropping Change
Da-Mind I'm New
Da Go Gettas Get Money
Daniel Gray Zorzal
DeVon J Listen Up
Dru and LX You Got It
Effe Qyd Microphone Checka
Ence Gotta Go
Flawless ThoroughDread Text Me
Grizzy Soul
Golden Boy (Fospassin) Baby You Down
J-WESS Get Down
Jayo It Is What It Is
JJRichiee Get Down
JoeKel Paparazzi
JR Tycoon Where The Dollars At
K-Mac WhiteBoy Money
Keyon Stacks Grindin
Kiemo Off the Jump
Killebrew The Streets
Krusaphixxx ROCK-N-ROLL
La Familia Who Got It
Larkins I Miss You
Latay Love & Revenge
Lesley M. Blair I Am Every Love Song
Lesley M. Blair Reflection
Lyfe Crisis Lyfe Collabs
Lynx ft Mystery Lady When You Come Home
Mahl G Yo!
Mama Chill LowDown Dirty Raw N Street
Markos Tegui Do What I Got To
Markos Tegui and Anything But Monday Sweat
Mass of Man and Devine Get Up
Mic-Jay SuperMan
Mr. Sleepy Up In The Club
OG Doodunk Rich Dreams
Planett Hunger Chemistry
Powerman Mc Doggs That Chase Cats
Preyjean's Traffic X-files Cover Up
Sergee Gonzo Sky
Spyanage Audible!
TaylorMade Across the Room
TaylorMade Hotter Than A Flame
TaylorMade Drankin' N' Dancin'
Young Fame ft. Bianka The Right Way
Young Trap Everyday
Yung Ripp Dirty Dance
Wolvarine Solid X I'm The Best

Adam Borseti Red Velvet
Andre Michaels Ojos de Luna
Band With No iMage Frozen
Barbra Angel God Let Me Change the World
Chuck Eaton We Belong to Different Times
The Connie Lansberg Quartet Crush
The Connie Lansberg Quartet Even So
Cornelia De'Flore' Funny Valentine
d'Z Connected ft Sandra St. Victor
Deborah Resto Let Him Hear My Heart
Fred Lipsius That Inside Feeling
Gillian Margot The Makings of You
Gino Goss Night In Rio
Gregg Holsey This Feeling
Groovexpress I Say Praise
Groovexpress In My Heart
Gwendolyn Collins The Simple Things
Iris Ornig New Ground
Jazzyfrank Sundance
Jo Cuseo Ain't Nothin' Draggin' Me Down
Jo Cuseo Reach Out and Love Someone
JR Tycoon Where The Dollars At
Kid Seven and Justin Collins I'm On
Matthew Smith & The Legandary Skyview Band Sun to Son
Mike Smiarowski Tropical Romance
Tony Adamo Hey Lou
Joe Kedda Ledge Cat Blues
Jordana Talsky An Invitation
Kathleen Patricia Accessory to Love
Kenny Wesley I'm Sorry
Kraig Kilby Ketchee
Lisa Mowry Some Things Are True
Lisa Mowry I'm So Blue
Lynn Yew Evers Bluebird Day
Martin Beal On the Sunny Side of the Street
Melissa Morgan Days Like This
Red Eye Moroccan Fruit
Rick Sparfven Project Shadow
Robby Nelms Midnight Storm
Russell Kramer The High Road Home
Stax Groovesax Saxpack
The King Brothers When You Move You Lose
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A Fragile Tomorrow Don't Need Saving
A Fragile Tomorrow I Just Never Said Enough
Adero Neely My Lovely Breakup Note
Alan Boyd Lost on the Moon
Ana Stasia Shade
Areal Star New Age Buga Boo
Alexi Blue Live Your Life
AlexK & Company Hopelessly In Love
Alisa Boniello Can't Love Me
Anthony M Whisper
Aries Marquis Crush
Athena (Creese) One Day
Barbara Kiss Catch Me
Black & White Group Satin Blue
Bruce Lev Jessica
Bruno Pignatiello ft. Marisa Frantz The Angel Flight
Bullet Made Statues Connecticut
Capital Grey Paint the Town
Carmin Blinn I Wish
Carolyn Marie Man Eater
Cassandra Llea and Lil Taz Hey Girl
Chaisson Smith Come Get It Girl
Chaz Robinson Trash It All
Chaz Robinson Upside
Cherokee Thomas Candy
Chiwawa Calma Calma
Chiwawa Don't Twist My Mind
Christopher Ames Pictures of Us
Chuck Eaton Why Don't You Come to My Arms
Cloud 9 Can't Resist
Conscious The Come Up
Dan DiPrete The Ghost In You
Daniella Watters Missing My Love
Daria Dee Take Care
Darnaa Pink Champagne
David J Caron Claim Your Victory
DiLee Shake It
Diverse New Boy
Dolly Rappaport Am I Dreaming?
Dolly Rappaport My Heart Belongs to You
Dominique Jamelle Wet
Elytta Burn
Eric Barao In Love With a Broken Heart
femmepop Medication
Fiona (Miss 2.1) Boy Toy
Fort Million A Dance With Angels (Antoinette's Song)
Gentlemen Deluxe The Light
Grant Duncan Won't Be Leaving Town
Grant Harrison In the Clouds
Hope Dance with Me
ihsAn Bilal Don't Waste My Time
ihsAn Bilal The Big Band Theory
J. Roze One Night
J.J. Genevive Elevate
J.J. Genevive Kissing Away
J.J. Crowne Finally Your Turn
J.J. Genevive Summertime
Jackie Carlyle Burn
Jan Bugaiski Promise Me
Jason Consolacion Prove It
Javi Mendez Rebeka La Quebeca
Jeri Cross Fall
Jeromy Darling Do You Remember Me Now?
JKELL Scream
Joey Harlow Out of Control
Johnny Bower Sorry
Jordana Talsky Canteloupe Coffee Blues
JT Apollo Sexxxy You
Kadrae Put Your Hands Up
Katie Robinette (My Love Is) Not Your Drug
Kaveh For You
Keesha Danielle Enough Said
Kelsey Bowers Trillium
Kid Seven I'm On
K-Trina I Already Know
K-Trina Too Young For Love
K-Trina and Kalenna Harper Fall Ova Dat
Katie Owen Don't Wanna Stop
Kimball Hooker Prescription
Kid Seven Ride With Me
Klass Band Brotherhood Dance Floor
Kristen Faulconer Phoenix
Kristinia DeBarge Cry Wolf
Kyle McCluer Wildfire Love
Larkins I Miss You
LaVon D. Tatem I Want You Back
Lauren Peterson True Love
L.S.C. Makes Me Feel
Lea Marie Take Me for a Ride
Leah Raci Get You Back
Lora Pascarella I'll Find A Way
Markos Tegui and Anything But Monday Just Do It
Markos Tegui and Anything But Monday Sweat
Mason Zgoda You Dance My Heart Around the Stars
Mary Wilson of The Supremes Joey Ramone
Meera Mennillo Downhill
Mermaid's Beacon What Have We Done?
Mitch Siegal Save the World
Minnie Dee Gonna Walk Away
MRK Momma
Music Grand Effect So Wonderful
Nesha Te'ree Trance 9
Nick Gill By the Way
Neil Innes from Monty Python This Song is About Me
Nicki Kris Dream Big
Nicki Kris Falling to Pieces
Nicki Kris You've Got a Hold on Me
Noah Bond I Love You, Keep Reading
Norine Braun Drunk
Ottrina Bond World on Fire
Preme Writez Fairy Tales
Rachel Price Lemonade
Ras Kronik You Got Me Baby
Red Earth Still Life
Rene Byrd More Than Words
Rick Denzien TSAI
Rod Clemmons She's My Girl
Ron Gallucci Beautiful Girl
Ron Gallucci Something About You
RuQayya Broken Promises
Sarah Flanagan We Defy
Sarah Fortsch My Salute
Shireen Crutchfield Nothing Better Than Love
Stacy Cole California
Steve Cropper Little Bird
The Addis Revolution People of the World
The Claxtons Feelin' the Way I Do
The Claxtons Hold On
The Claxtons I'm Alive
The Driftwoods Where Has Summer Gone
The Forz Separate Ways
The Loop Off in the Distance
The Planeteers Zombie Blues
The Spins Never Let It Go
The Young Presidents and Ivan Neville Time
Tierney Allen When You're In Love
Tony Carlucci Jersey Girl
Tori Quinn Lucky
Wil Deynes Super Wonderful
WiL Dix Real Love
Ximena Bedo Be My Friend
Year In Advance Never Leave Again

Rock Songs
Adam Byer Settle
Alex Von Z Two Wolves
Ari and the Alibis Dirty Little Secret
Billy and the Rebels Puppet Man
Black & White Group I Feel Like Dancing
Bliss Get Me Out
Brandon McHose Late Night
Brian Zilm Walls
Caden Levi Hey Mr. Sad Face
Chiwawa Calma Calma
Christina Castellan Tyrant
Chromus Break the Chain
Dennis Maroney Not From Where You Came
Depswa Right Now
DeVoll Creature of the Night
Ed Fishell Never Have You
Electric Blue Waves Goodbye Cruel World
Fabrockators Hot Rod
Frankie Clarke I Love A Girl
Fugot Woulda Coulda Shoulda
Ghost and Door Party Audacity
Hailmary Bringing Out The Best
I Am Not Lefthanded Boats (Swept Away)
IcePack Jackson Internet Blues
Invisible Eddie The Blues Won't Leave Me Alone
Jeff Waters Tuscon
Jeffrey Michael Pedora Bring You Back To Me
Joe Kedda Ledge Cat Blues
Joe Newtz Falling In
Keeping Riley 60 Days
Kim Allen Dig It Baby
Kotadama One More Time
Kristen Faulconer Phoenix
Kyanite Captains My Heart Belongs With You (Patty's Song)
Kyle Douglas Blonde Bird
Larry Ellis Jr. Moments Spent With You
Leah Jee Coming After You
Malina Moye and Bootsy Collins K-Yotic
Mark Anderson Dog On A Chain
Mark Anderson Fast Moving Train
Marta Gee Welfare Man
Mateo Luka End of Feb
Michelle Simpson Gypsy Queen
Michelle Simpson Bad Luck Happens In Threes
Misty Aleska Dare I Say?
Misty Aleska Numb
Mitch Siegal The Bottom
Nick Gill How it Feels
Nick Rotundo Live For The Money Today
One World Government Human
ONOFF Hayley
Or, The Whale Datura
Overnite All the Way
Panic Haven I Can't Take This Anymore
Pat Cooley No Mess
Paul LeRocq Rock to the Top
Phono Emergency Tool The Wind
Rick Denzien Go Out and Play
Robert Wuagneux Bip Bop, I found a Love
Ron Gallucci Something About You
Stalker Can You Taste This
The Blisscats Hey Johnny!
The Blue Collars Happy Pills
The Complaints South Side Suicide
The Loop Caveman
The Loop Discredit
The Meldavians Who is the Better
The Morning Episodes Now It Starts
TheMightyOne Waiting For You
The Rusty T Band Tic Toc
Trace The Sidewalk Ticket To Ride
Tweed Deluxe Itty Bitty King
Versailles Massacre
ZinEgo Waters Edge
Zmuzik Whenever You're Ready
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Hard Rock
Bag of Nickels Speedball
Blistur Make Up Your Mind
Bone of Contention Fickle Finger of Fate
Chained to Insanity Drugs Don't Work
Chromus The Fall
Cigar In Bed Flesh Twist Bone
Cold Steel Too Fake
Frank Palangi I'm Waiting
GI9 Glass Jaw
Jupiter's Chyld Dead Flowers
Killing Grace Untouchable
LevRage Taking Sides
Mike Giammarco Ghost
Not Another Playne Jayne Beaten Down
Phenagen 1973
RB the Evolution Soda Pop
Revel 9 The Good Fight
Roswell Storms
Sevenfootfetish Bleed
Siamese Sundown Dresden Girls
Seismic Anamoly Howl At Tha Moon
Silversel Where Angels Dare
Sonic Bliss Shot Down (Bad Romance)
Stereo Treason Fall In Line
Suite Clarity First in Line
Suite Clarity Tonight We Will Rise
The Addis Revolution Jah Live
The Addis Revolution People of the World
Thadeus Gonzalez Silver Inside
The Blisscats Hey Johnny!
The Buggies Battery Operated
The Donald Anderson Band Maybe We Should Ask
The Driftwoods Where Has Summer Gone
The Filth Hounds Hooked On Love
the n9n3 Fyre
The Stoned Crows Blind
The Stoned Crows Madman
Toxic Box Hogs & Dogs
Von shakes The Routine
White Collar Sideshow Light Up the Dead

Spiritual Songs
Alexander Lee Trying to Make I
Alien Blue Nothing is Impossible
Alien Blue The Lord is My Shepard
Billy D. H. Moore I'm So Gratful
D.Q.C. I Need You
Dan Kenneth Lay It On Jesus
Daryl_Boyer Knowing What I Know
Distillery Dave Wine Into Water
Gospel Jazz by HL Steins The Gospel of Grace
Impact Worship Band Come Unto Me
Our Rock The Words You Said
Maranda Great Is the Lord
RB The Evolution Soda Pop
Robbie Oster In Your Hands
Robin Walton Loves Sweet Embrace
Skylar Kaylyn Happy Ever After
Skylar Kaylyn You Belong
Stronghold I Will Live For You
The Greatest Gift The Lighthouse
The Gospel Angels See Him
Tosha Freeman 1 Life 2 Live
Tosha Freeman Bad Choices
Ty Webb & A City On A Hill The Fight
Wil E. Coleman Praise with All
Will Larsen Changin'
Zmuzik Whenever You're Ready

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