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From 1,018 online radio listeners,
between May 17 - August 26, 2006

Survey 37: When Do They Listen
Vacation Travel Plans
Cell Phone Radio Subscriptions

Over 54,000 persons have responded to RRadio Network surveys.
Survey 37 demos
are 68.3% male,
and 30% female
(1.5% abstained).
18-44 year old
males represent
35.7% of respondents.
14.3%% are
18-44 females.

RRadio Network's stations span a variety of formats.

It's no surprise that the bulk of online radio listening occurs during the day.
But, RRadio Network's Survey 37 shows that 40% of the audience tunes
in "most" during the evening and night time hours. Programmers should
adjust to accommodate this growing daypart.

For more information: Ken Dardis

RRadio Network stations gather data about the online radio audience.
Surveys are branded to the serving station.
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Getting to Their Vacation Destination
Increased gas prices don't have a negative affect on persons
who drive to their vacation destination. Asked "How will you
get to your vacation this year?"
, 1% more will be driving
than when this same questions was asked in 2005.
7.2% more have chosen to "stay home", compared to last
year, and 6.8% fewer online radio listeners will be taking
a plane.:

Radio on Cell Phones
Here's an eye opener: The percentage of online radio
listeners willing to pay for a subscription to online radio,
delivered on a cell phone, has increased 7.6% in 18 months.
"If Internet radio were available on your cellular
telephone, for a reasonable fee, would you pay
to listen?"

RRadio Network conducts the only continuous
survey of online radio listeners.
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