The only continuous survey of radio's online audience... in progress since 2002.

1,023 online radio listeners responded to Survey 48.
Survey completed: March 10, 2010

Survey 48 Topics: Cellphones With Text
Coupons via Cellphones
Redeeming Cellphone Coupons

Survey 48 respondents are 73% male and 27% female.

Note: Due to a number of popular "oldies" and "jazz" stations
running this survey, relative to the U.S. population, a
disproportionately high number of response was generated
from the 55+ demo.
26% responding were male 55+;
6.5% were female 55+.
50.2% of respondents were between 12-49 years old.
We are in the process of soliciting radio formats to bring
respondent demos in-line with the U.S. population.

The central question in Survey 48 revolves around cellphone use as it relates to coupon distribution.

Do you own a cellphone with text-messaging capability?

Not surprisingly, a large percentage (78.1%) of respondents' cellphones are capable of receiving text messaging.

Concentrating on the 12-49 demos, the percentage of owners with cellphones offering text messaging is significantly higher for all groups, except 12-17.

Have you ever heard of or received coupons via text messaging to your cellphone?

Considering the publicity received by mobile advertising - and its subset of mobile couponing - there appears an abnormally high number of persons reporting that they are not aware of the ability to receive coupons via cellphone.

Surveys are branded to the serving station.
See Survey 49

Receiving/Redeeming Coupons

Have you ever redeemed a coupon
that you received via your cellphone?

The following chart shows what percentage of
each demo has received or redeemed a coupon
sent via cellphone.

About These Surveys
Audio Graphics started this internet radio listener
survey system in October 2001. It is the only continuous
surveying of the internet radio audience and is conducted
in conjunction with leading research firm Borrell Associates.

For more information: Ken Dardis

Survey 48 Participating Stations:

Acoustic Alternative
The Band House Live
Black Light Radio
Broadcast Net
Bzo0 Radio
City Sounds Radio
Chronix Radio
Club One Radio
Comedy 104
Girls Rock Radio
Hope Radio Online
HotMix 106
KC Café Internet Radio
Metal Assault Radio
MRS 90.5

NAB Radio
Nice Noise
Oldies 104
Prog Palace Radio
Pop Rock 80s
Radio Row
Radio 252
Radio X Network
Rapid Turtle Radio
The Band House Live
The Bluegrass Mix
The Detour
The Wolf Radio
TimeZone Radio
WRPS Radio
Wonderland Vibe Radio
Z100 Europe

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