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    Good New Artists for Your Station
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    New Songs at RRadio Music:

    Blues Rock

    Joe Kedda
    Ledge Cat Blues

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    Markos Tegui
    and Anything But Monday


    sample song

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    Eagle River Highway
    Freedom Road

    sample song

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    the n9n3
    Baby You Down

    sample song

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    Mike Smiarowski
    Tropical Romance

    sample song

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    Free Music for Radio Stations

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    360 radio stations have requested 5,020 RRadio Music artists' songs.

    "The quality of your Indie artists far surpass those of Music Submit." - Scott Schlafman,

    We Find Good New Music
    RRadio Music is checked for quality. Programmers air songs or short programs of new artists - free.

    (Sample "Intro to Indie Artists.")

    53 stations have requested 156 "Intro to Indie" programs.

    5, 3, and 2 song program lengths in Country, Dance, Hip Hop & Rap, Jazz, Pop, and Rock

    (Sample Here)


    "I think it is a great service." - Howard Byrne of Power Pop Stew"

    "What a fantastic service both to indie artists and to radio stations..." - Karen Richmond of Ocean Radio

    "The programs are very easy to dnload & are complete with an artist intro." - Cory Marcus of HotMix106

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    I believe RRadio Music is the easiest way for stations to receive quality new music.
    Your support in spreading the word about this new system is appreciated.

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    Ken Dardis
    Ken Dardis