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It's Time Howard Stern Is Put To Pasture

Infinity is not going to win this round. Suspending Howard Stern for a day after The King used his morning show to discuss Sirius will only deliver more pre-move press, and give Howard Stern more to talk about on his return. The time has come for Infinity to eat the contract, pay off advertisers, and move on to its new sound. Keeping Howard Stern only draws more interest in his move.

Howard is playing Infinity the same way he played the FCC, and his listeners are dying to see how far he can push it - again.

Infinity should pull the show today. As dozens of former "stars" have found, three weeks from now you'll find a waning interest in Howard Stern and Sirius once exposure stops. Then, the only press generated will come from what those two will be able to do for publicity's sake. You can bet it won't be anything close to five days of morning drive exposure each week.

This isn't censorship now. It's business.

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Posted: 07:45 11/8/2005

From: Paul

I think your right about it being time for Infinity to cut loose Howard, as all there doing is letting him use their airwaves for free Sirius advertising.

However, I don't think cutting him early would hurt Howard at all. It only free's him up to spend more time on talk shows and potentially motivates him to have that farewell tour he use to talk about. I'm sure that would get plenty of exposure. Or who knows what else he might come up with.

From: Glenn H

If you are serious in this article, then I think you have SERIOUSLY mis-read the motivation of Stern listeners... even the casual ones. Besides, Howard has stated that he doesn't care, he just wants to be free of the FCC and Infinity.

I know one thing for sure, David Lee Roth and Adam Carolla will be history within 6 months, simply because they are pretty boring to begin with. And I highly doubt that Penn Gellite will put up with Infinity's nonsense for very long. The big loser, no matter how you slice it, is Infinity. And they deserve it

From: Jamie Gacos

Give me a break! Howard's show is all an act and he would be the first to tell you. His audience loves him for his humor, wit and spontanaity and Infinity loves him for the millions of dollars he has brought to the broadcast group over the years. Had Sirius not come along, Infinity would have renewed his contract in a heartbeat. The bottomline is this - when I thinks he's going over the edge for my taste, I just turn to another radio show. It's a simple as that!

From: gary

I think one point forgotten is that all the people who listen to Stern are fans and they ALL know hes moving to Sirius anyway so it doesnt really matter whether hes on or not to the audience--What matters is the ad revenue so it makes more sense for him to stay in order to keep the revenue till the end--Now doing other idiotic things like a suspension will give him more national press--for free!

From: Edward

Howard has been washed up for years. This is his last chance to push Sirius that he has. He will go from a potential audience of 10s of millions to maybe 3 million when he gets to Sirius Jan. 2006.

XM Radio will be at over 6 million by that time.

Howard is grasping at straws and his show has been awful for years.

From: Mike

Either way they do it, Howard and Sirius win. If they cut his show, he has more time to travel around the country, and do live shows... if they don't cut his show he has more time to talk about his move.

From: Brian

If Infinity does pull Howard off the air (which I hope), they won't fire him outright. They'll cancel his show and hold him to his contract, and pull a stipulation where he can't mention his next employer until he's no longer an Infinity employee (like they did with Opie and Anthony, except no sex in a church, just a loudmouth douche), so no matter how much he whines, he can't promote his Sirius show until his contract with Viacom is done.

From: Dave Krenzel

This is pretty funny. You think the only pub Howard can generate about Sirius is through his show? He's got Dan Clores running PR (2nd best next to Sunshine Group) for him; take a look at the itenerary - 60 Mins, Letterman, Extra, Access Hollywood, and over 250 media outlets that all want him.

As a person in the industry with access to Stern's PR schedule all I can say is your premise is severly flawed. Pull him from the radio and he'll still generate pub.

Next, think about your logic. Who listen's to Howard's show? His fans. He's preaching to the choir and if even less than half of them move to Sirius with him, he's done his job and earned his money.

As for Infinity, they have shot themselves in the foot by acting like the jilted wife in a bad divorce.

DLR and Adam Corolla (love him) are doomed and I smell another Chevy Chase/Fox disaster - or maybe more accurate - the Magic Johnson Hour. Both gone inside of 1 year.

Finally, it's funny in the Advertising Age ads, Joel and Infinity created an ad with the headline, "Even fart jokes get old after 20 years." If this were true and they are truely intent on cleaning up the airwaves as they now claim, they would have been proactive and gotten rid of Howard years ago. We all know they were milking the golden utters from Howard as the revenue he brought in will never again be seen by the likes of Infinity again. They have postioned themselves into a corner; what will they do when this new "clean" radio fails? Quickly hire someone to be raunchy? Of course!

From: Lorne Di Sipio

Hey Jamie Gacos, Howard said on air that if it weren't for Sirius, there'd be no re-signing with Infinity Broadcasting.

Let's just be realistic. Howard will, and SHOULD be able to talk about whatever he wants. His show, his rules. Everyone working for CBS, Viacom and Infinity owe him a special thanks... not this kick in the ass on his way out.

Hail to the King! We love you Howard.

From: Julius May

I will not be shocked if infinity cancel stern's show right now today because you know Infinity is fuming inside about what has happened to cause Stern to bash the company he works for.

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