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"Sooner or later we're going to have a musical star rise from the ranks of internet radio." - Ken Dardis If two things can be said about the relationship between indie artists and corporate radio today, they are:

Broadcast radio pays no attention to indie artists.
Independent artists no longer need broadcast radio.

We have the internet now, plus thousands of online stations to help promote good, new music.

Today there is one glaring fact that radio and indie artists know: Getting airplay on internet radio, or through other audio platforms, is the new route to exposure.

I'm a former musician who worked at WLAY Radio in Muscle Shoals AL, when that town was the "Hit Recording Capital of the World." I had access to most of its recording studios. (It's then when I learned the art of making records.)

I've been involved with internet radio since its beginning. My background includes being SVP at Spacial Audio, a leading developer of audio software used by multiple major radio groups which was purchased by Triton Digital in 2009. I also had the opportunity to work with the Google team to create its online audio ad platform.

In 1999 I created RadioRow as a way to help the better internet radio stations

In 2001 I created RRadio Music, a destination for radio programmers to find the better indie artists.

Both sites closed when I retired.

Listen to RRadio Music Artists

Our "Intro to Indie Artists" series of programs help exposure and need-for-content. When an RRadio Music artist's song is selected that artist knows they have airplay on scores of internet radio stations.

After spending 20 years in radio, I launched Audio Graphics as a radio and television advertising production company in 1991. This web site was created in January, 1997.

From 2004-2010 Audio Graphics was a leader in developing analytics and metrics in audiences and advertising response.

Ken Dardis
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