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The only continuous survey of radio's online audience...

From 1,999 online radio listeners,
between May 31 - July 12, 2004

Survey 25 is a milestone for radio online.
Since RRadio Network was created in October 2001,
over 32,000 online radio listeners have painted a picture
of exactly "who" listens, "what" they like/dislike about
advertising, and "how" to create better ads and programs.

For the first time, RRadio Network surveys have placed
demographics in a comparative format to that of broadcast
radio: 12-17, 18-24, 25-34, 35-44, 45-49, 50-54, and 55+.
The RRadio Network audience breakout is:

Note: Individual stations offer a wide variety of demographics.

Respondents to RRadio Network surveys are made
aware they are helping online radio grow. With this
in mind, the following represents their answers to:
"What in a radio ad is most likely to get your attention?"

If you take a similar question and apply it to banner ads,
with a slight deviation in categories, here are the results.
"What in a banner ad would most likely
cause you to consider its content?

RRadio Network stations aggregate audience
for sale to advertisers. We define listeners by
running a continuous survey across the network.

Surveys are branded to the serving station.

"Gaming" has been in the news due to its
attraction to advertisers, so RRadio Network
queried its audience to find how many are
active "gamers." The results are startling,
and show how online radio is the perfect
advertising vehicle for certain types of
game manufacturers.
The question "Are you a gamer?"
had 51.5% answering "Yes."

We then asked respondents to identify
which games they play most.

As a percentage from all respondents:
43.7% - Play PC Games Most
23.2% - Online Games
20.4% - Console Games
4.6% - Other
3.2% - Abstained from the question
1.9% - Games on Cellphones
1.7% - Handheld Games

RRadio Network conducts the only continuous
survey of online radio listeners, presented by
some of the most-visited radio stations online,
Boomer Radio
Killer Oldies
Country Bear Radio
8Ball Radio
Advertisers may reach this upscale highly-defined
audience, with one order and one invoice.
Contact: Ken Dardis

See Survey 24 Results Here.

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