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From 1,891 online radio listeners,
between August 2 - October 12, 2005

Survey 33: Holiday Shopping Online...
Are You A Parent?
How Many Children In Your Home?

Over 49,000 persons have responded to RRadio Network surveys since October 2001.
No other source has these details about online radio listeners.
Survey 33 respondents' profile shows 71.4% male, 27.2% female.
51.1% of the total are male 18-44 years old.

RRadio Network's 50 member stations span a variety of formats.
Respondents are your typical online radio listeners.
Demo distribution is consistent over the past 5 survey periods.

As in 2004, RRadio Network listeners were asked if they will do holiday
shopping online and how much they budgeted. 7% more persons this year than
last reported they will purchase online. Of these, 5.5% more will spend up to
$300. 7.8% more will spend up to $450, and 8.1% more will spend up to $600
on holiday purchases.
Survey 33 asked "Do you plan to shop online this holiday season?"

See Survey 32 Results Here.

RRadio Network stations gather data about the online radio audience.
Surveys are branded to the serving station.

How Many Children?
59.6% of Survey 33 respondents claim to live in a home with
no children. 37.7% share their home with up to 3 children.
"How many children (under 18) live in your home?"

Are You The Parent?
72.7% of 1650 persons say they are the parent in
their household. Only 17.6% report being an adult
and living in their parent's home. This is consistent
regardless of gender.
Are you the parent in your household?

RRadio Network conducts the only continuous
survey of online radio listeners.
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