The only continuous survey of radio's online audience... in progress since 2002.

1,014 online radio listeners responded to
Survey 56. Completed: January 13, 2013

Survey 56 Topics: Redeeming Mobile Coupons
Trusted Information Sources
Most Effective Advertising

Respondents are 78.30% male and 20.70% female.

37.08% - 18-44
61.93% - 45-55+

Survey 56 asked:
Have you ever redeemed a coupon that you received via your cellphone?

Another question was
"Considering sources of information available to you, which one of these do you trust the most?"

Have your station serve this Audio Graphics/Borrell Associates survey.

Survey-serving stations share the data, and help internet radio establish a baseline for comparing its value to other media.

We ask 3 questions; after receiving 1,000+ responses, 3 new questions are displayed.

Each survey is branded to the serving station.

Surveys are branded to the serving station.
See Survey 55

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About These Surveys
Audio Graphics began internet radio
listener surveys in October 2002. It is the only
continuous survey of the online radio audience,
and is conducted in conjunction with leading
research firm Borrell Associates.

For more information: Ken Dardis

The most effective advertising appears…

Survey 56 Participating Stations:
At Work 104
Black Light Radio
Chronix Radio
Club One Radio
Comedy 104
Energy FM
Esteralla 104
Girls Rock Radio
Heart Beat Radio
HotMix 106
Jamz 104
KATL Radio
KC Café Internet Radio
MRS 90 1/2
NAB Radio
Oldies 104
Pirate Radio oTC
Pop Rock 80s
Prog Palace Radio
Pop Rock 80s
Pure Rock Radio
Radio X Network
Rock 104 Classic
Rock 104 Hard
SnakeNet Metal Radio
St Joseph Music Foundation
Star 104
Star 104 80s
Star 104 Country
Surge Radio
The Detour
WRPS Radio

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