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Let's Talk About PAASRST

PAASRST is not an arbitrary number. It defines how well an online station (or group) is doing on the content side, and nobody is paying attention to it.

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Social Media, Broadcast Media, and Ebola

I was struck by one thing in watching and hearing how broadcasters are reporting this; it's with a false urgency from air talent. Looks and actions emoting potential to wipe out our population appear from everyone.

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To Save Face, Radio Limits Commenting

Radio is best suited to analytics and data base building. Energy should be placed there instead of in hoping consumers use an FM chip on their phones.

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New "Intro to Indie Artists" Rock Programs

Short, free rock music programs made for internet radio!
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It Doesn't Matter What Radio Does Now

Digital's snowball is growing, and radio has fallen from being bigger than life to just another choice.

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New "Intro to Indie Artists" Pop Programs

Play a Blast of New Music for Your Audience! Short, free programs made for internet radio! Sample. Click the picture to order.

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New "Intro to Indie Artists" Country Programs

Short, free country programs made for internet radio!

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Rush Limbaugh: A Tweet or Twit?

The radio industry doesn't quite realize the firestorm raging outside of the Rush Limbaugh show, which is protected by caller filtering and dump buttons. As this continues to build in social media, radio trades are either dropping the story or presenting it in ways that minimize damages.

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Caution in Reading Online Radio Numbers

In total, 335 different types of devices were used to access RadioRow in July. I hope this begins to drive home the diversity of units that consumers are using to get to their audio, online.

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Radio Problem: Reminisce Like It's 1999

Content is not King in the manner it once was; it's too prevalent and easily gotten. Besides, the competition's content has its own value not shared by radio.

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