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AG News: 3/8/2006

Howard Stern On Fox H&C - Here's The Video Link

Fox News' Hannity & Colmes scored an exclusive interview with Howard Stern. If you missed it, follow the link below to the video. Once there see if you don't agree that, while you may not like Howard Stern's radio program, you've got to feel empathy for radio's most powerful personality.

Les Moonves beware. You may have opened the worst can of worms imaginable. This lawsuit against Stern may have been logical a few weeks ago, but witness what is being done with the perception of CBS by Stern and his ability to be the guy next door.

The most powerful statement made comes from Howard, and it's filled with more logic than the suit: "They just lost ratings like we've never seen in the history of radio..." Anyone with an ear who's tuned into the CBS Radio morning show replacements is going to see the validity in this claim, and the followup comment about the lawsuit being a distraction.

The lawsuit may be this interview's topic-one, but the objective is to bring public opinion behind Howard. Had CBS continued without filing suit, it may have been the one reaping the benefit of empathy.

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