Operate Like It's Tomorrow, Today

Over the past 20 years Audio Graphics has been online providing insight to how the internet affects broadcasting. A line that I've repeated again and again is "With the velocity of change, don't learn and you'll burn."

Conversely, in the early years learning a couple of things to upgrade technical proficiency wasn't challenging, today, technical adaptation spans multiple disciplines; you need a base of knowledge in each to see how they tie together. The velocity of today's change pushes so much knowledge into your brain that it soon starts to fry, which brings on that 70's visual of your brain on drugs - it is truly similar to your brain on digital.

To stay with "the latest" innovation requires a team of developers, each concentrating on a specific area - i.e.: social, search, ad delivery, ad buying, ROI accountability, etc.
When a small staff or you alone are charged with making a digital strategy work, I ask "what is it that you fry eggs in?" An old school cast iron frying pan makes a great bacon and egg breakfast. So why do we normally, metaphorically, go far beyond cast iron in digital when it's not needed?

Efficacy, practicality, and simplicity are a combination of assets not spoken of too much today. We hear lingo like UI, AI, and App which are digital magic that, while adding to potential, may not be required to get your job done.

Our lives are beginning to change dramatically. It doesn't matter if you're an artist, audio platform exec, or advertiser, laws are being pushed today that tomorrow will hinder consumers' consumption of audio. There are big changes coming online, in broadcast and in the way music is distributed to both, and I'm not aware of one area where this change is for the betterment of consumers. It's all to increase corporate profit.

Retired, I'm pulling back. Simplifying my life, I'm not getting caught up in a growing need for that diverse bank of knowledge.

Artists need exposure, audio platforms need content. Tying these two together is where I've come to rest.

Audio providers fighting high performance royalty and publishing fees just to play music now have an option of using songs from quality artists who sign waivers on all fees, in exchange for exposure. All songs are there to use, free! I hope you give these unknown artists your ears for a few minutes.

RRadio Music is a practical, simple and efficient cast iron frying pan for music. It has hot songs from new talent who burn with passion, while sharing the reality of their chance to break through corporate playlists.

Indie artists and independent audio content-producers see how each needs the other. This is my simple side of tomorrow's music distribution, today.

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Today's artist introduction is to Pop from Katie Owen

Katie Owen
  Give "Don't Wanna Stop" a listen.

  Stations: Add it to your playlist, free.