Programming Improvements Lacking in Radio News

The connection between you and the industry may rest on relationships, but it rides on information. "What you know" is closing a gap with "who you know." In our converging world of medias, a diverse skill set beats hiring a newbie nephew who only knows code-writing. If it's your single mastered discipline, producing content is equally unimportant as code-writing.
Knowing how to combine social media, editing, writing, data base management, email, distribution and more is mandated.

If you're nodding in agreement with the above, ask this question, where are all the articles in radio publications discussing these items? Not just the "how to" but the pro and con discussions.
The beef of what's printed amounts to short mentions of podcasting, a 93% reach, debt loads, people moves, and the occasional "stays on air during storm." Humorous is how HD Radio's getting a revival, with Next Radio viewing a dive when consumers move to wireless headsets (which you know they will).

How do you program better today than yesterday is a topic that's not discussed too much.

Set aside inspirational pitches, the latest being how to succeed at podcasting. We get a new focus every couple of years. Remember when it was coupons and SweetJack? Bob Pitman's 2011 declaration that "...broadcasters shouldn’t become too hung up on digital revenue" should also be noted.

Content is important but making it better is seldom discussed - by "content" include commercials. They are part of the program, not a side serving of bad programming within "compelling content" made by an overworked disc jockey.

Most internet stations are just doing what broadcasters do. Most broadcasters are just doing what they've done for 65 years; though times change, they haven't. Whether the reason for stagnation is fear, hubris, or lacking direction is debatable. What isn't is how video consumption is pummeling audio in under 34 demos.

Audio presentations are mundane, homogenized. They have lost the ability to attract and hold attention. (Please, don't mention "Serial.")

We need more discussions on improving what's being produced. Concepts need airing in articles and forums. The creativity of what's in your head needs to be explained by radio industry publications, and others.

Get away from radio's business and B.S. stories. It's time for headlines about new, quality programming.

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