What Type of Radio?

This is a tough question for an artist to answer: What do you mean when you say "I want my song on radio"?

For radio station owners, what do you mean when saying "Listen to my radio station"?
Trite line alert: We're in a changed world.

More audio options are available for artists and station owners. The audience size of any one online station may not be close to what a single broadcast station delivers, but an artist stands much more chance of getting on a playlist of dozens of online stations (each serving only a hundred listeners).
We won't rehash how difficult it is for an independent artist to get on to a broadcast station's playlist. The corporate structure of today's over-the-air radio not only limits, but practically makes an indie act getting multiple plays unheard of.

Then we have our long-tail online; and this is not your Pandora, Spotify, or pick any name out of a dozen top players.

What value is it for an artist to be heard on a small station being run by an enthusiastic amateur? How about a posting on SoundCloud? Or music players like Audio Graphics' RRadio Music Short? Audience is built one member at a time. So is a fan base.

There's an online radio ratings produced monthly by Triton Digital. It features only Triton Digital clients, yet radio industry trades play this release of data up as if it represents the whole of online audio's offerings. As a representation of total online listening to music, this report represents nothing. And that's the point.

Chasing after the large players who appear countless times in industry publications may not be the way to go any longer.

"Radio" isn't just a "station" anymore. Facebook has audio platforms that people call "radio." There's Google Play and Apple Music Radio (with dozens of smaller operators, including our own RRadio Music).

Add what's below, while noting that none appear on Triton Digital's report, and you see alternatives in not only submitting songs for play but also if you are a person wanting to try your hand at operating a "radio" station.

Today: Radio is sound coming out of speakers. Exposure is exposure.

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Today's artist introduction is to Hard Rock from Killing Grace

Killing Grace
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