Getting Serious About Being Serious

"Have a goal" is one of life's most trite phrases. Whether you're an indie artist or audio provider, starting out you know pursuit of fans tops the list.

Details may be planned, but they never end up the same way - so let's add "be flexible" as another trite phrase we don't need to spend time on.
We all desire success. What separates us is the degree of seriousness, and commitment used in pursuing it.

What We'll Do
Understand that you are not normal. "Normal" people don't put effort into anything that you, as a musician or podcaster, need to make a living at.

A funny thing happened on my way to retirement. I shifted my seriousness on relaxing.

Because I am not normal I've become seriously focused on helping new musicians reach fans while helping radio, podcasts and the avant-garde online audio producers find new music to play.

Over the past six months a web site I started in 2003 has been getting a completely different back-end, the code used in displaying and distributing songs. A primary purpose for introducing good new music is to allow all who use music to use these new artists' songs free. Consider our "Airplay for Exposure" as an on-ramp for new musicians and a provider of free music to stations, podcasts, any audio producer, and fans (directly, through iTunes, Google Play, and RSS).

Music distribution in broadcast and for any large online player is broken. Short playlists are the norm for them, and that keeps new artists from being heard.

Musicians, get serious about being serious by using RRadio Music to reach an audience. Stations, podcasters, anyone who wants to use music from new artists, at no cost, can hear songs at RRadio Music. Then, request for free all that you want to play.

If you are serious about being taken seriously, it's time to break from what others do in this broken system.

RRadio Music - Songs that deserve to be heard.

Wednesday, July 5, 2017      eMail to a Friend

Today's artist introduction is to Pop from Gentlemen Deluxe

Dodie Greenwald
  Give "The Light" a listen.

  Stations: Add it to your playlist, free.